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Made from scratch pizzas, custom subs and salads appear magically with just an order from the down town Colon Michigan Five Star Pizza restaurant. Owners Carl and Annette Thornton, who have been in the Pizza business for more than 20 years, are not afraid to reveal the secret to why their pizza is loved throughout the area. Annette explains that every part of the process is completed by hand to provide the perfect pizza Magical Creations Flowers

Magical Creations Flowers When we visited the warm and friendly shop, we spoke to magic capital citizens and visitors. On a recent Saturday night one group mentioned the Star Pizza a generous combination of pepperoni, ham, green pepper, mushrooms, onion, and green olives. Kids interrupted to tell us the bread sticks were their favorite, with cheese dipping sauce. Just mention to the local teenagers a five star double cheese pizza and you have their attention!

The Thorntons especially love Magic Week. Carl stated that they have four locations (Colon, Bronson, Union City and Homer) and normally split their time between stores, but for Magic Week which is the first week in August, they spend all their time in Colon. Over the years they have met many famous magicians and entertainers, TV personalities, writers, producers, and magic enthusiasts. As can be seen by autographed posters on the walls of their Colon store, many famous people have been to Five Star Pizza over the years. It has become a meeting place for the magical community after the magic shows. Magical Creations Flowers

Five Star Pizza
112 E. State Street
Colon, Michigan 49040
1 269 432 3214
Colon Store hours are Sunday- Thursday 4pm-10pm; and Friday and Saturday 4-11