Colon Village Council Meeting January 12, 2010

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING                            JANUARY 12, 2010

COLON VILLAGE HALL                                                      7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Present: Whitford, Bell, Khulmann, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Brinkert, Baker, Weinberg

Agenda: Approved Bell/Delp

Minutes from 12-8-09 approved with the following changes: Under Public Comments, A. Delp made motion to send letter, not to increase smoke stack size. B. Should read spillway to bridge not Hemmels and the river. Under Village Planning commission : Change spelling to St. Joseph Planner Info. Percival/McManus

Financial Report: Bell/Delp

Bills to pay $28,973.32: Questions asked and answered by Baker. Approved to pay Bell/Delp

Public Comments-Guests: None

Monthly Reports:


A. Need to purchase two skids of sidewalk salt @ $392.00 per skid Percival/Kuhlmann

B. Purchase a snow blower at the cost of $650.00. Delp/Craun

Information for Council, Jim will need to take a class in Spring for L2 certification,( in budget.)


A. Purchase two micro/audio camera’s with 8G memory at the total cost of $308.00 Percival/Delp

B. Performance evaluation finished on Kyle Chauncey and Chief Brinkert has recommended to council he be removed from probation status .Bell/Delp

C. Joel Herr to attend digital camera school held at State Police Academy at the cost of $250.00  ( Joel will be able to teach the others) Percival/Craun

Fire Board: Unapproved minutes from 12-9-09 in packet for review

Lake Board: None

Committee Village Planning Commission: John Summey gave update on meetings. Things are moving along and the next meeting is scheduled for 1-21-10

Other Committee Reports: Steve Dobberteen has requested village to make decision on parking in public access. McManus reported that, according to the village ordinance parking is allowed for 18 hours on  public access. After council discussion the no parking signs on the public access lanes in town will be removed ASAP by Weinberg.

Wages, Personnel Committee: Percival and McManus have reviewed employee handbook and would like to  hire an attorney to clearly designate items in our employee handbook and revise benefit program Bell/Craun After much discussion by council the  motion was tabled until more research can be done. Bell/Craun

Unfinished Business:

A. ICE Grant: Craig Shumaker from Flies and VandenBrink explained to council that the grant agreement has been received. Money has been committed to the Village of Colon and the following motions were approved. Authority given to President Whitford to sign grant agreement. Bell/Delp  2.Send letter to MEDC to incur local costs Percival/Delp  3.Authorize engineer budgets, subject to MEDC approval to incur local costs Percival/Kulhmann

B. Cable Franchise Fee’s: Waiting for response

C. Liberty Tree Program: Council will receive the Liberty Tree, due to an anonymous gift for it’s purchase. Tree will be planted in the Colon Community Park. There will be no cost to the village however a tree planting ceremony to make the village aware of what the Liberty Tree program is all about would be a nice touch. Kuhlmann/Delp

D. DNR Grant notification: Colon will receive DNR grant for Colon Community Park, amount has been reduced to $200,000.00.

E. Friends of Library: Have requested the village pay for outdoor toilets during Magic Week Craft Show. Delp made motion to pay for this request, motion did not pass due to lack of support.

New Business:

A. Budget Adjustments for 2009-2010, no adjustments

B.Committee Assignments: Craun will take over Thibideau’s assignments motion made to place Craun as assistant street administrator Percival/Kuhlmann with 0 Nays and 6 yeas: Bell, Delp, Whitford, Percival, Mcmanus, Kuhlmann.

Public Comment General-None


Grant for Water Fluoridation-council not interested

Proposal given to install  new door at village office and Baker also brought up the fact that we need new lighting.

Letter received from Chief Doenges about a free lock box for gas meter on village office.

Reminder given to Council of budget meeting set for Jan. 19, 2010. Change time to 7:00 . Schultz will post meeting date and time in several locations around town.

Adjournment @ 8:15 Kuhlmann/McManus

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully submitted

Nancy Schultz

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