Colon Community Fire & Recue Minutes 1/13/10



Minutes/Regular Meeting – January 13, 2010

The meeting was called to order and the pledge of allegiance was recited.  Board members present:  Sandy Jackson (Township representative replacing Ray Saxman on the board), Terry Carpenter, Butch Carpenter, Nancy Percival and Dick Delp.

Guests present:  Matt Overholt, Dave Webb, Jodi Gross, Barry Parrish, Chief Doenges, Rob Fisher, and Brian Mack.

The next pancake breakfast is this Sunday, January 17, 2009, from 8-11.

The scheduled Continuing Education classes are as follows:  Blood Borne Pathogen/January 18, Environmental Emergencies/February 15, Air-Way Oxygen/March 15, Prep Anatomy & Physiology/April 19.

Motion was made by Butch Carpenter to approve the minutes of December 9, 2009 and seconded by Dick Delp.  Motion approved.

Butch Carpenter gave the financial report showing $115,964.33 in the Savings Account and approximately $60,000.00 in the checking account (Lynell was still writing checks), and $6,860.65 in the Rescue Squad Fund.

Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp to approve the financial report as presented.  Motion approved.

Butch suggested as we had $115,964.33 in the Savings Account that we put $100,000 in a CD from Sturgis Bank and Trust as the interest rate on a 43 month CD is currently at 2.6%.  He also suggested we add our fax # to the cover sheet.

Motion was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Sandy Jackson to move $100,000.00 from the Savings Account into a CD at Sturgis Bank and Trust at an interest rate of 2.6% for 43 months.  Motion approved.

Chief Doegnes reported the 4” hose came in and the cones ordered are also here and accounted for.  Ken Garnett from VFIS Insurance will be here in March for any insurance questions we may have.

Chief also reported there will be FREE H1N1 shots offered from the Health Department here at the fire barn on February 2, 2010, from 10-12.

Chief also reported they had completed about 30 Pre- Planning meetings with area businesses and have had good cooperation.  The problem is that address numbers are not there or are hard to see.  So far they have distributed free lock boxes to businesses (8-10) which have keys in them for easy access by emergency personnel in an emergency.   Chief also reported they got the computer mounted in the Rescue Squad and it’s working well.

Chief reported the State of Michigan is requiring all new protocols so the department is revisiting all of their protocols.  This is helpful as we’ll be able to do King Airway, EPI pens, Glucose Meter, etc by June.  The change is that everyone can perform these duties.

Chief reported the Radio System is not good.  It won’t work in a building.  They are working hard to solve the problem.  They may need 2/3 more towers.  Everyone is having some sort of problem.  Cost of the towers is about $100,000.00 and will be the County’s expense.

Rob Fisher reported he did a class on Monday on smoke and how to read it.  He is recommending that the department purchase a couple of meters to assure safety for the fire fighters.  He requests a hydrogen cyanide meter at a cost of $270.00 and a carbon monoxide meter at a cost of $135.00 or a total cost of $405.00.

Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Butch Carpenter that the department purchase a hyron cyanide meter at a cost of $270.00 and a carbon monoxide meter at a cost of $135.00 for a total of $405.00.  Motion approved.

Dave Webb reported that he had Jack Trayling come in and do a modern fire fighting class on hydrogen cyanide poison.  Jack did an excellent job with this training.  Dave also reported that Ice Rescue Training will take place some time in February.

Dave also reported the Member Training Update.  There are 24 department members and only 4 who didn’t meet the training criteria.  Of those 4 one is an Explorer and one is on medical leave.  Dave will be talking to the two other members about their commitment.  Members are required to take 5 mandated classes within 2 years.  Dave is willing to work with these people one on one in order to meet the training requirements.  He reported that that for a 1st offense a member would get 3 months off, a 2nd offense, 6 months off, and for a 3rd offense 9 months off and pending termination.

Barry reported that we have a single boiler control for both boilers.  It is usually 80 degrees in the building as we have floor heat.  They will be trying to separate both boilers to correct this and he’s not sure of the cost but thinks it will be $100/$200 and he thinks it’s worth doing.

Nancy read a sympathy card received from the family of Ray Saxman.  Board welcomed Sandy Jackson to the Board.

Motion to adjourn at 7:35 was made by Sandy Jackson and seconded by Dick Delp.

Motion approved.

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