Village Council Meeting – Dec 8, 2009


COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                                             COLON VILLAGE HALL

Tuesday Dec. 8, 2009                                                                                                                                    7:00 PM

Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Present: Whitford, Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann. Percival & McManus

Also present:Baker, Schultz, Brinkert & Weinberg

Agenda– approved with the following change: Under public comments and guests add B. Mary Weaver, Via Way Finding Systems and MDOT.

Special Meeting &  Regular meeting from 11-10-09, financial report and bills to pay in the amount of $51,462.94. Unanimous Consent Delp/Percival

Public Comments-Guests:

A. Jack Delle – Wood Burning Furnace, after much discussion the final decision was made by council.  Baker will draft a letter as a courtesy to the neighbors. Delp made motion and supported by Percival to raise smoke stack 10 feet. Motion than amended by Delp supported by Percival to increase that to 30 ft. to clear roof lines .Baker will include in her letter information on the Community Action Agency for Weatherization who could possible help with funds for this project.  NOTE: Bob Hess, village inspector  looked at this and informed council that it does meet code. Village  Attorney Tomlinson said we could file a Noxis Order however he feels, that would not do any good and would cost the village court fees.

B. Mary Weaver Received information on Via Way Finding Systems which she explained to the council and gave information to Baker to follow up on. MDOT has found difficulties with selling property Between Hemmels and the river. Mary Weaver received information on applying for a permit which would give the village the right to work on the property. Council understands that anything they do must  be removable for MDOT, if need be.  Permit will be applied for to make this happen Percival/Delp


A. DPW: Report in packet


A. Approved to purchase uniforms for reserves, this was budgeted for. Percival/Delp

B. Approved to spend $300.00 for air card to replace modem in 2008 squad car. Percival/Delp

A thank-you was extended to police and fire dept. for their help in parking cars during the Nov. 13th football playoff game.

C. FIRE BOARD REPORT: November 11, 2009  unapproved minutes were submitted for board review



Township voted not to work with village on joint planning venture. Whitford appointed the following people: Tom Tenney, Sharon Craun, Marilyn McManus, John Summey and Gib Philo to serve on committee to develop a planning commission (fact finding). Committee will meet Dec. 10th 2009 to start working on a draft to develop a planning commission ordinance to be approved by the council. Brad Neumann (Land Policy Educator) appeared before the council to explain his role and invite committee members to enroll in the Citizen Planner Course, which would give much information to help with this process.

OTHER COMMITTEE REPORTS: Percival Attend EDC meeting and gave report to council


A. ICE Grant was sent in by due date and is progressing forward.

B. Mr. Tomlinson has not responded or objected to closing street for Friends of the Library Arts and Crafts Fair during Magic Week 2010. Council moved to close street Aug 6th– 7th & 8th 2010.

Baker will send proper notification to both Friends of the Library and Tomlinson on the councils decision Percival/Bell

C. Baker has not been able to speak with anyone, regarding Cable Franchise fees.


A. Council received three Trustee Letters of Intent: John Summey, Sharon Craun, Anne Dudley

Nominations opened Sharon Craun Percival/McManus, John Summey Whitford/Delp, Anne Dudley Delp/Kuhlmann. Nominations closed Percival/McManus  Ballot voting as follows: Sharon Craun 3 votes, Anne Dudley , 2 votes and John Summey 1 vote. Sharon Craun was sworn in and took position on board.

B. First Budget Workshop is set for January 19 at 6:00pm

C. Liberty Tree Program: McManus made motion to decline tree program.  McManus/Kuhlmann (Bell Delp opposed) motion passed


CORRESPONDENCE: Thank you card from McManus for flowers during recent hospitalization, received and given to council members

ADJOURNMENT: @ 8:20 Percival/Craun

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Schultz


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