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Minutes/Regular Meeting – December 9, 2009

The meeting was called to order and the pledge of allegiance was recited.  Chairman Carpenter then requested a moment of silence in honor of Ray Saxman who passed away last week.  Board members present:  Terry Carpenter, Butch Carpenter, Nancy Percival and Dick Delp.  Board member absent/deceased Ray Saxman.

Guests present:  Chief Doenges, Rob Fisher and Ron Wilson.

A motion was made by Butch Carpenter and seconded by Dick Delp to approve the minutes of November 11, 2009, as presented.  Motion approved.

A motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp to accept the financial report showing $104,004.01 in the Savings account and $52,367.25 in the Checking account.  Motion approved.

Chief Doenges reported that the 02 bottles have all been switched over to Metron and that we have an $11.00 tax bill and he suggested we just pay it and get it over with.  Board agreed.  New bottles cost $10.40 and are dropped off at the fire barn shortly after they are ordered.  Chief is much happier with this arrangement.

The department is in the process of doing Preplans and has completed 9 so far.  They are doing these at their own pace and are finding the biggest problem is that the addresses or ID numbers aren’t on most businesses.  They also didn’t take into consideration when people were in the building such as cleaning staff etc.  Chief suggested the department purchase lock boxes for $11.00 each and offer to businesses at no cost,  and the fire department and the police department will have keys for easy entry in case of an emergency.  The lock boxes are similar to those used by realtors. The Board agreed by consensus that lock boxes were a good idea.

Chief reported he got the internet thing completed.  He bought an air card for wireless internet for $40.00 and it will cost $48.00 a month thereafter.  They gave the department a lap top and this will hold all the Preplans and will be in the Rescue Truck.  Mark had an old stand and it fit perfectly in the truck so the computer will be accessible in the Rescue Truck.  Dick reported that Mark was highly complimentary of the Fire Department’s assistance with parking for the football playoffs!

Chief also reported pricing on the cones Dave Webb requested.  The price for 60 12” cones was $397.92 and for 60 of the 18” cones it was $480.00.

Motion was made by Nancy Percival and supported by Terry Carpenter to purchase 60 -18” cones for the department at a total cost of $480.00.  Motion approved.

Chief also had pricing from 3 vendors for new 100 foot hoses.  The first vendor price was $504.00 each, the second vendor price was $461.00 each and the third vendor price was $424.00 each or a total of $6,360.00

Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp to purchase 15 hoses at 100 ft. each for a cost of $424.00 each or a total cost of $6,360.00 from Time Emergency Equipment.  Motion approved.

The next pancake breakfast will be the 3rd Sunday in January.  Christmas Party is Dec. 12th.   Upcoming trainings are as follows:  Jan 18, 2010—Bloodborne Pathogens, Feb. 15, 2010-Environmental Emergencies, March 15, 2010-Air Way Oxygen, April 19, 2010-Prep Anatomy & Physiology, and OB emergencies will be on May 17, 2010.  Also Dave will hold Extrication Training on Monday, Dec. 14, 2010.  Next month Dave has a speaker arranged for the topic of Modern Fire Fighting.

Rob reported one of the fire fighters hit the hydrant out by M-86 last night due to slippery conditions and he has talked to Jim Weinberg and Jim will keep that area salted.  He said that Barry had fixed the seal in the 941 and that the heat is staying in the bay….the guys did a good job of sealing the bay and retaining the heat.  Painting and the floors are done and the place looks great!

Ron Wilson reported that they did CPR training for the school lunch people and they donated $30.00 to the department.  He also stated we have received all the CPR materials and the vendor has not been paid yet and he requested they be paid $381.55 ASAP.

Butch reported he talked to Julie at the Village and she will look up the history on the siren and he will report back to the board.  Butch also stated it was such a hassle to get a credit card that he would recommend we continue doing business as usual.  Board agreed.  Butch questioned whether the Ambulance Authority is a DONE DEAL and if everyone has bought in as he read that in the paper.  Chief reported Colon, Mendon, and Leonidas are NOT buying into the Ambulance Authority.

Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Butch Carpenter to adjourn at 7:32 p.m.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Percival/


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