Recreation in Colon

IMG_0192Colon Township’s 1000 acres of water provide year-round sports for everyone. Summer finds the sports-minded of Colon making the best use of this wonderful natural resource.

The St. Joseph River flows across the northern part of the township into Sturgeon Lake and then on to Lake Michigan. Canoe trips down the river may be arranged with transportation provided for the return trip.

Palmer Lake is the largest of Colon’s lakes, covering 450 acres with a shoreline of sixteen miles and is used for every known water sport, from water skiing to tubing. On the north shore is a fine public beach with bath house facilities and covered picnic pavilion. At the southwest end of Palmer Lake is a channel that connects to Long Lake two miles south of Colon. There are eight other lakes in the township and most are public. Ice fishing, ice skating, hockey and snowmobiling are popular winter sports enjoyed by the many winter sports enthusiasts.

The state conservation department maintains three public fishing sites in the township, one each on Sturgeon Lake, Palmer Lake, and Long Lake. The Village of Colon also maintains a public launching site and picnic area just south of the downtown business area.

St. Joseph County has the finest in game animals and birds. The county’s white tail deer herd is growing and it is estimated that the herd numbers 20-30 per square mile. Small-game hunters enjoy their sport with a choice of rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, duck, turkey, and geese.

To fill out the picture on recreation, there is within a short driving distance of Colon every popular activity from gracious dining at world-famous restaurants to snow skiing at a Swiss lodge.

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