Colon Community Fire & Rescue Minutes – Nov 11

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Minutes/Regular Meeting – November 11, 2009

The meeting was called to order and the pledge of allegiance was recited. Board members present: Terry Carpenter, Butch Carpenter, Ray Saxman, Nancy Percival and Dick Delp.

Guests present: Chief Doenges, Rob Fisher, Dave Webb and Barry Parrish.

A motion was made by Butch Carpenter and seconded by Ray Saxman to approve the minutes of October 14, 2009, as presented. Motion approved.

A motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp to accept the financial report showing $54,479.61 in the checking account and $77,313.22 in the savings account. Motion approved.

It was suggested the Board get a credit card for the department to make purchasing/tax exempt status a more simple process.

A motion was made by Nancy Percival and supported by Dick Delp to get a credit card from Sturgis Bank and Trust for the fire department. Motion approved.

The chief presented the bill for Brian Mack’s hotel expenses of $218.12 for his EMS Instructor Coordinator Training Class. (That is half of the total bill as Brian Shared a room and split expenses with another person). Chief showed Brian’s certificate for completing the class and will put in Brian’s file.

A motion was made by Butch Carpenter and seconded by Nancy Percival to pay for Brian’s hotel Expenses in the amount of $218.12. Motion approved.

As a point of information the Chief reported that he ordered fittings for the Village DPW at a cost of $82.30 and he has already been reimbursed by the Village for that expense.

The expense of $260.46 for pom poms for the tailgate at the homecoming game had already been approved and a check is needed. Lynelle will be advised.

Chief said there is a fire extinguisher for $1,000.00 that is truly amazing but none of the insurance carriers he contacted would cover the cost of the extinguisher. The Board was advised to view the video of its use.

Chief reported they had a new 3 part form for the required St. Joseph County Patient Care Report. The cost was $222.00 and that is being split with Tri-Township. The report gathers all required information the state is requesting and was made by our department.

Informational: The Department Christmas party is Dec. 12th, at the fire barn. Social hour is 6:00 and dinner is at 7:00. Bring a dish to pass. Invites will be mailed.

Chief said they want to hold a CPR Instructor Class here at the fire barn on11/22/09. The cost per fire fighter is $250.00 and we have one member needing the training and he thinks if we cover the cost of the books and host the event that might cover the training cost. Cory Orchal is the instructor.

There will be a blood drive here at the fire barn 11/24/09. The school has requested use of the building for testing on 3/9/10 and Tim has Ok’d that date also.

The Chief reported that he had been called out on 2 service calls in the last 2 weeks to extinguish leaf fires (both were really domestic disputes) and he wondered if we should discuss charging for this service. He has never had this happen before. Board advised we wait and see if this becomes an on-going problem..if so, we will then address it.

The Chief reported we have 1500 ft. of 4″ hose and all leak. He is requesting replacement hose. Approximate cost is $519.00 per 100 ft. and he needs 15 sections. The Board requested Chief bring a “firm” price to the next meeting.

Rob Fisher reported our department was featured in the Air Ways magazine (copies to all board members). He also reported we now have a new EMS folder with all the medical licensures for all fire department members and it’s up to date.

Barry reported the 941 has a seal leaking and he will repair it this weekend.

Dave Webb reported for his Divers Ed class he still needs 60 cones for the mandated course and he can’t find any. The state road course requires the cones. He’d like to buy 5/10 cones a month. Chief said in the past Fastenual was where he had purchased them. Dave will get cost estimates.

It was reported that instead of a switch for the exhaust fan…they put a trap door in. Dave said they started the fire inspections yesterday of area businesses and found some interesting things.

Dave reported on the training attendance. He averages 15 per class. He wanted 50% attendance but 46% or better is ok. He has 15 fire fighters in the green, 9 in the red. Of those in the red he has contacted them all (with the exception of those who are at zero attendance) and volunteered to work one on one with them to get the required classes. Two need to make up Drivers Training. The Board complimented Dave as this is better than last year and he is doing a great job.

Under Old Business the siren at Decker road now works. Butch will talk to Julie Baker to discuss the bill for the siren on the DPW building. Department did want to handle that expense in case of an insurance claim.

Butch brought up the fact that there had been no payment from the Township for their share of the fire department cost and he had to go down to the office and ask why we didn’t get it… it bothers Butch that these payments are to be paid on a quarterly basis and should be a matter of course for those officials who handle the payments. He expressly wished to note that the next quarterly payments ARE DUE IN JANUARY. He mentioned that since he questioned the Village on their payments – they have paid early.

The Chief said the department members will again be assisting with parking this Friday night for the play-off football game. Thanks for a great job guys!

Terry stated that since they have received the township quarterly payment… we now have a total of $103,963.15 in the savings account and he would like to have those monies designated as follow: $75,000.00 into the equipment sinking fund and $27,963.15 into the Repair and Maintenance Building Sinking fund.

A motion was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Nancy Percival to put $75,000.00 into the equipment sinking fund and $27,963.15 into the Repair and Maintenance Building Sinking fund. Motion approved.

A motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp to adjourn a 7:45 p.m. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,                                              Unapproved Minutes

Nancy Percival

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