Village Hall Minutes Nov-10


Colon Village Council Public Hearing

11–10-2009–6:45 Village Hall

Grant Application (MDBG)

Meeting called to order by President Whitford at 6:45

Present: Whitford, Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Percival

Also Present: Baker, Schultz, Weinberg

Absent notice given: Thibideau, McManus

Craig Shumaker from Flies and Vandenbrink explained grant and fielded questions

Adjournment at 6:55

Colon Village Council Regular Meeting

11-10-09 7:00, Village Hall

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Present: Whitford, Delp, Bell, Kuhlmann, Percival

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Weinberg, Brinkert

Absent notice given: Thibideau, McManus

Public comments:

A. Walter Weaver appeared before the council to advise them that MDOT is willing to establish communication about the property next to Hemmels. Council has requested Baker to submit letter to MDOT, as she did before. Percival/Delp

B. Martha Grahm-Friends of the Library, appeared before the council to get permission to have the Arts and Crafts during Magic Week 2010. It was decided that council must contact Mr. Tomlinson about closing off the street.  His business was affected by the closing of Blackstone . Board will make decision at the December meeting and Kuhlmann will let Grahm know the outcome.

C. Mr.Coswell appeared before the council to introduce himself.  He is running for State Senate, 16th Senate District.


A. Approval of minutes from the Oct. 13th 2009 meeting. Percival/Delp

B. Agenda changed to include under new business E. Todd Thibideau’s resignation and F.Open council seat Percival/Kuhlmann

C. Financial Report: Baker handed out financial reports to council for review and answered questions. Council will set up January meeting for new fiscal year budget at our Dec. Council meeting

D. Bills to pay in the amount of $19,070.94 Percival/Bell

Monthly Reports:


A.Motion made by Kuhlman to accept bid by Christner-Borkholder Concrete to repair drive-ramp approach at Dawn and Phil’s at the cost of $850.00. Motion was amended to include repairing the small sidewalk section at the cost of $100.00 or less. Kuhlmann/Bell (Delp opposed).

B. Mr. King would like the village to pay for his labor and the cost of window repair. A recent storm took down a tree in his front yard.  The cost was $378.08 and after discussion by the council it was decided that he should go thru his home owners insurance. It was also decided that the tree would be a state issue not the village. Baker will contact Mr. King with the council’s decision.


A. Council approved Michelle Thibideau be put on the Colon police department as a reserve officer. Appropriate training will be given. Delp/Percival

B. Council approves village participation in the Branch Area Career Center intern program for Law Enforcement. Students are interviewed before entering program and we will also interview and conduct a background before they will be allowed to intern. Percival/Bell

Lake Board: No meeting till April. Bell informed council that the funds have been transferred  from the County to the Township, which was requested by the lake board months ago.

Fire board: Unapproved minutes from the 10-14-09 meeting were in packets for review

Other committee Reports: None

Unfinished Business:

A. Website up and running latest news, posting village minutes and event info.

B. ICE Grant application: Resolution 09/11-10 For Community Development Block Grant-Infrastructure Capacity Enhancement Project approved to submit Kuhlmann/Delp with 5 yahs: Bell,Delp, Kuhlmann. Whitford, Percival 0-Nays and 2 absent: McManus, Thibideau

C. Friends of Library–moved to Public Comments

D. Committee for developing a Village Planning Commission: John Sumney spoke to council about the Village Planning Commission.  Council expected Township board members to also be on this committee due to previous council minutes.  Percival made a motion to include Township members to this committee seconded by Kuhlmann. Motion withdrawn.  Sumney and his committee may continue to work on fact finding for planning commission. Bell/Percival  Whitford will attend Township meeting to see if they are willing to join village in an attempt to unify village and township and move forward with the planning commission. Whitford will report development at the December meeting.

New Business:

A. Christmas Wage Enhancements approved as listed Kuhlmann/Delp.

B. Cable Franchise Fees- Baker will call Charter to see if we can negotiate more franchise fee’s due to the rising cost of Charter in the village.

C. Weaver-MDOT–moved to public comment

D. Group Health Insurance- Due to large increase in cost, village will change group health insurance for employee’s to Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Baker will get employee’s,  proper documentation to fill out for new insurance. Approved Percival/Bell

E. Todd Thibideau: With regrets the council accepted Thibideau’s resignation Kuhlmann/Percival

F. Open council seat–position will be posted in town and placed in newspaper. Letter of intent for this position must be received before the December 8, 2009 council meeting. Anyone interested should submit intent at the Village Hall. Kuhlmann/Percival

General Public Comments: None

Correspondence: None

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Adjournment at 8:35 Kuhlmann/Percival

Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Schultz


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