Colon in the Movies?

We’re currently working with the Michigan Film office in an attempt to bring a film crew to the area to get us in the movies.  Be on the lookout for these and send them to .

Locations Needed for a Rural Football Feature Film:

Small Rural Town – Farming Community, One stop light, a white church steeple, with a pleasant, Midwestern modest appeal. Warm. Inviting.

Downtown from THE stoplightThe base population is hard-working, low income manufacturing and farming. And while the town is quaint — it’s seen better days.

The strains and pressures of an economic downturn show up in the surrounding areas. Please include photos of the one street main street and businesses.

Small town Fire House – can be a volunteer station, please send interiors and exterior photos of the station.

Rural football field – must look older, small and rural, no flashy scoreboards or press boxes, Bonus if there is a hill that overlooks the field

Rural High School – please include photos of the exterior, and football facilities locker room, field, etc.

Worn Down Farm/Farmhouse – must look weathered and falling apart but operational, 2-story farmhouse, live stock, and old farm equipment is a bonus

Soy Bean Fields – large expansive bean fields, irrigation equipment is a bonus.

As you can see, we have the one stop light requested.  See if you can find the white church steeple, probably with a church attached. Now let’s find the rest.  Please send pictures you think would help us become the site for a feature film to .

About Walter Weaver

In 2008 Walter Weaver returned to Colon after an absence of many years. A Colon grade school student, he went to six different high schools, then served as a cryptographer in the military. Since then he has continually enjoyed parallel careers in broadcasting and entertainment as well as a wide variety of real estate oriented activities. Walter and his attorney wife Mary are the founders of Real Estate Magic, a regional marketing firm for residential, commercial and business investments.
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