Fire & Rescue Board Minutes October 14, 2009

fireandrescueThe meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Carpenter and the pledge of allegiance was recited.  Board members present:  Butch Carpenter, Terry Carpenter, Nancy Percival, and Dick Delp.  Absent:  Ray Saxman.

Guest present:  Chief Doenges, Dave Webb and Barry Parrish

Motion was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Terry Carpenter to approve the minutes of September 9, 2009 as presented.  Motion approved.

Motion to approve the financial report showing $60,630.74 in the checking account and $77,281.46 in the savings account was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp.  Motion approved.

Terry reported he talked to the Village regarding the fact that the Village was collecting more money in the special assessment than the department was getting paid.  It was explained that they are collecting more to correct a clerical error from the year before.  Amount was $1,208.29.

Discussion turned to payment for the siren in the Village.  Butch felt the board should be responsible for the purchase and the siren should be added to our department insurance policy.  Dick/Nancy will check with the Village and get it on the agenda as the Village agreed at their meeting to pay the cost.  Chief suggested we put the siren on the dam as the sound would carry better.

Terry reported that the department has received the quarterly payment due from the Village but that the department has not received the quarterly payment from the Township.

Chief  Doenges reported that he is looking for a new supplier for oxygen as he thinks current prices are too high.  Chief reported that all four department members who took the FF2 challenge PASSED!   The Christmas party is scheduled for December 12th and the Board agreed to hold the December 9th Fireboard meeting as scheduled.  The next Pancake Breakfast is October 25th.

Chief reported he has all the forms ready for the pre-fire planning with the businesses.  The question was raised if we pay the members who go to the businesses to complete the paperwork.

Motion was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Nancy Percival to pay the department members their hourly rate for doing paperwork for the pre-fire planning.  Motion approved.

Chief reported they are almost all done with the painting.  Fire barn looks great!  He is working on making a cover for the exhaust fan in the bay.  Dave will put a lock out on the on/off switch for the exhaust fan for safety purposes.

Chief questioned whether the Board would consider paying a portion of Brian Mack’s hotel bill for the Continuing Ed classes (so he can be our instructor).  The Board requested he get a bill from Brian for our consideration.

Dave Webb reported the department did drivers training on Sunday and will have it again on Saturday the 24th – due mainly to his work schedule.  He needs approximately 60 cones to have a road course set up with cones… he’s working on that.  The training is mandatory through the state.  Terry brought up that attendance at training hasn’t been that good and suggested as members have two years to complete the training—that those who need to meet their individual training courses be talked to about requirements.  Dave and Tim will handle notification.

Barry reported that all the trucks are up and running and all have kill switches on them.

Nancy reminded those present of the United Way fund raiser at Curly’s this Friday with the Police vs. the Fire Dept. members.  She also reminded those present of Dave Farrell’s Citizen of the Year dinner tomorrow night at the Baptist Church.

Butch said he would like to see Lynell pay the bills twice a month.  He will discuss with Lynell about what dates would work best.  The cleaning lady is paid quarterly and is now all caught up on pay.

Dick mentioned that the Tree Rivers Fire Department is raising money to purchase a new drug dog and asked if a donation supporting same could be made from the department.  Chief will personally be donating and they will consider a department donation after talking with the members.

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:28 p.m. by Nancy Percival and seconded by Butch Carpenter.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Percival


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