Colon Village Council Minutes – OCT. 13, 2009


Colon Village Hall

7:00 PM

****Note (Preceding council meeting on Sept 8, council decided to remove the stoop and scoop signs from village sites)

Meeting called to order by President Pro-Tem Percival and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Present: Bell, Delp, Percival, McManus, Thibideau

Absent: Whitford (notice given) Kuhlmann, absent

Also present: Weinberg, Brinkert, Baker, Schultz

Public Comments: None

Approval of minutes from Sept. 8, meeting Bell/Delp Thibideau abstains

Agenda: approved with following corrections.  Under new Business B.  Friends of the Library tabled till Nov. meeting.   McManus/ Bell

Financial Report: Questions asked and answered by Baker

Bills: to pay in the amount of $19,070.98 approved Delp/Bell.

DPW: report submitted to council.

Police: submitted report to council, reminder: Police vs. Fireman fund raiser For United Way at Curly’s 10-16-09.  Donations needed to replace K9 officer in Three Rivers.  All donations greatly appreciated.

Fire Board: Unapproved minutes from the Sept. Meeting were submitted to the council for review by Percival.

Lake Board: Last meeting for the season was held 9-12-09.

Other committee reports: ITC update letter from 10-7-09 was read by Percival for council.

Colon Community Park: Additional information to make our grant application stronger was sent out by deadline date, thanks to Marcia Blackman and Nancy Percival.

Unfinished business:

A. Website -Nothing new to report.  Baker will check into getting us on Facebook.  Chief Brinkert also informed the council that the police website will be up and running soon.  The village may post things to that site also.

B. Resolution #09-05, A Resolution Amending Salaries of President and Trustees was offered by Council Member Delp and supported by Council Member McManus with 5 Ayes: Bell, Delp, Percival, McManus, Thibideau with 0 Nays and two absent: Whitford, Kuhlmann.

C. Village has been accepted for the ICE Grant.  Application must be filed at the cost of $1500.00 approved Bell/Delp Public Hearing on this issue, to be scheduled for Nov. 10, 2009 @ 6:45 Thibideau/Bell

New Business:

A. Rick Fisher requested an escape artist in our town on Oct. 31, 2009.  He will need the help of both the fire department and police.  Time set is 2:00, the village will assume no responsibility for this event.  Delp/Bell

B. Friends of the Library-postponed till November meeting

Public comments: Dave Farrell-Citizen of the year 2009, pot luck dinner will take place at the Baptist Church on 10-15-2009.  Baker received email from Cathy Knapp on a series of community development workshops, this was shared with council.  Retaining wall issue will be revisited Spring 2010.

Unless otherwise stated all motions past

Adjournment at 7:35 Bell/ Thibideau

Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Schultz

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