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Colon has four distinct seasons, with the warm­est month being August, with an average high of 81°F and average low of 58°F, and the cold­est month being January, with temperatures of 33°F for the average high and 10°F for the av­erage low. Average rainfall is 36.1 inches and the average snowfall is 34.2 inches.

1970 Census-1176
1980 Census-1190
1990 Census-1224
2000 Census-1227

Major Highways:
North South: U.S. 131,1-69
East-West: U.S. 12,I80-90, M-60, M-86 Airline Service:

The nearest airport with passenger service is Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport. Six passenger carriers and fifteen freight carri­ers service the airport.

Approximate Mileage to;
Chicago- 150
Detroit- 150

Kalamazoo – 38
Battle Creek – 32
Grand Rapids – 90
Holland – 92
Lansing – 80
South Bend – 60

Colon Area Stats
Colon area 2000 census population is over 24,000 within a 12-mile radius.

Colon lies in the center of many small towns/rural villages – Sherwood, Burr Oak, Mendon, Leoni-das, Nottawa, Centreville, Bronson, Athens, and between 8 townships – Colon, Burr Oak, Nottawa, Mendon, Leonidas, Sherwood, Matteson, Bron­son.

-Founded in 1831 by Lorancie Schellhous.

The Village of Colon is 1 square mile in area and The township of Colon is 6 square miles.

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