Colon Area Chamber of Commerce

Minutes – July 16, 2015

Members Present: Edith Doenges, Mary Beth Bower, Greg Bordner, Karin Malesh, Kim Morgan, Linda Musall & Kelli Pucci
Guests: Ron Carnell & Dan Earl

Absent: Dave Kuhn

Agenda: Motion to approve: I missed it

Minutes: Motion to approve: I missed it

Finance: June 1, 2015 Balance: $4614.31, Income: $35.16, Expenses: 670.36, June 30, 2015 Balance: $3939.11

Known Bills for July (expenses to be paid): Midway Paint -$8.48, BC Sound -$120.00, Magical Creations -$182.50, The Trophy House – 101.50, Action Quick Print -$64.00, SportsArama – $1,255.20 & State of Michigan – $20.00. Motion to pay all bills MBB, 2nd GB, passed. There was also $225.00 that was collected for fireworks & will be paid out to Sparkle.

There were deposits made in July that totaled $1,787.00. Broken down as follows: 2014 T shirts-$55.00, 2015 T Shirts – $779.00, Midway Games – $195.00, Midway Vendor fees – $125.00, Truck Sales – $158.00, Comm. Park Brick Sales- $200.00, Membership dues paid – $50.00 & the $225.00 for fireworks – sent back out to Sparkle Inc.

Motion to accept Finance report: GB, 2nd MBB, passed.

A discussion followed about the move to the park for the 4th of July midway. It was not advertised as well as it should have been, as many people thought there wasn’t any this year. There was concern about lack of parking, and the distance to walk being difficult for older people. There were many, many positive comments from attendees & visitors about having more room to move around, places to sit, places to gather, softer ground to walk on, a really great view, close bathrooms and convenience. Dan Earl stated the move was bad for businesses in the downtown area, taking away customers from his restaurant. He said he spoke to other business owners downtown & they felt the same. Other people had asked the downtown business owners & didn’t get the same negative response that was reported by Mr. Earl. Mary Beth Bower stated the Grange lost business by the move & Mr. Earl said he was told the Legion attendance was down also. Mr. Earl stated the Chamber of Commerce is in existence to serve the business community of Colon and the midway should be moved back to the N. Blackstone Ave. location to help businesses. Heated discussion followed, and the issue was not resolved at this meeting. The Chamber board will discuss having a general meeting the first part of the year to revisit this issue. Plans will be made to have an open meeting at the Library for the downtown businesses and the public to decide what is best for the town.

In other July 4th business, Karin would like to see the judging for the floats in the parade changed a little. Perhaps have different categories, and be judged on design, creativity, theme etc. numbered from 1 – 5, then compare sheets. A new system will be worked on for next years float judging.

The Colon Garden Club thanked the chamber for letting their 80 year float be displayed at the midway.

The wooden truck sale was a big success thanks to Walt & Betty Shimel. The food pantry has already been given a check for $2,316.00 for the sales so far, plus there is another $120.00 & an additional $158.00 to add to that, making the total funds for the Colon Food Pantry $2,594.00. The judging of the painted trucks ended up with Johnny Greenwald 1st with $39.00, Micha Smith 2nd with $29.00 and Addison Thibideau 3rd with $26.75. All the children had fun at the race, and the winner won $20.00, but took off with the money before anyone got her name, so congratulations to who ever it was!! Hopefully we can do something similar again for the Food Pantry.

The 2015 T-shirts are almost all gone. A motion was made by GB, 2nd KiM to purchase more in sizes M-L-XL & XXL so we will have them for Magic Week.

The Sound System: The proposal from Michigan Kal Electronics was given to Kim Morgan. The system could be done in stages, and sweat equity would be used to put in the wiring needed. There would be 3 areas: The “downtown area” from the State Street bridge to the flashing light; the “south” section of Blackstone from the light to the Shell Station & the “Park” from the light to the Colon Community Park. The proposal from MKE that would include 2 control boxes & equipment at the Dawn & Phil’s building & the Police station, the wires, speakers & other necessary hardware, plus the labor to install the control boxes was $55,914.86. This is obviously more than we have on hand, so we would need to pursue a funding strategy, and line up people to help do the work & determine any permits needed. It would be great to have for Christmas music, the 4th parade, the magic busking on the streets, Homecoming parade, library programs and many other uses not even thought of. Mary Beth will take the information to Keith (who had the original idea), Ron will talk to John Sterlini. Kim has the complete proposal in a folder that can be viewed at any time for specific information. Perhaps some of our local electricians can take a look….

In New Business: The Colon Garden Club offered to provide the greens to decorate the Gazebo, but cannot provide the labor to put it up. Does the chamber want the greens? YES!! We will get it put up with the rest of the Christmas Decorations.

Motion to adjourn at 12:50 by GB, 2nd KaM.


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