Colon Area Chamber of Commerce May 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 12:05 pm.
Members Present: Edith Doenges, Kelli Pucci, Kim Morgan, Nancy Percival & Linda Musall
Absent: Greg Bordner, Mary Beth Bower, Dave Kuhn & Karin Malesh

Motion to accept agenda NP, 2nd LM – Passed

Review of April’s minutes, taken by Kelli Pucci in Linda’s absence. Motion to accept by KM, 2nd NP, Passed.

Finance Report presented by Kim Morgan, treasurer:
April 1 – Beginning balance $3,841.25
Income: 2,691.16
Wooden truck sales: 2196.00
Dues: 200.00
Sweat shirt sales: 100.00
Brick Sales: 100.00
Int. .16
Expenses: 2196.12
Food Pantry: 2196.00
Check charge: .12
April 30 – Ending Balance $4,336.29

No known expenses for May, since the $200.00 for the program for 31 Flavors of Magic was cancelled.


The WOODEN TRUCK sales have exceeded $2,200.00. Final total is not in yet, but it has gone well & will be a nice donation to the Colon Food Pantry. Initial donation was already given to them. Linda will check with the bank to see about printing a BIG CHECK for presentation to the Pantry. Kid’s painted trucks will be judged & raced at the July 4th celebration.

The SOUND SYSTEM is still being explored. Michigan Cal (Tom) will be back in town to look over appropriate placing of the transmitter, & speakers. The project is doable in stages & we can do some of the work ourselves. There are 3 political boundaries that we will have to get permits from, etc. (state, township & city) and permission if we use consumers energy’s poles and Dawn & Phil’s building for the transmitter. They wondered if Colon had it’s OWN fiber optic network or just piggy backed on some other companies lines.

CITIZEN of THE YEAR: All ballots must be returned to Linda or Edie by May 31. There are a lot of them. Results will be tabulated for the next meeting.


4TH OF JULY: People are already registering for the parade & spots for venders. Entries are available at the Village Office, the Marathon & Colon Bait & Tackle and on the website. Entries can be mailed or emailed back. It is free to enter the parade. Edie plans to order some games for the Midway at the park, to keep people in town and entertained. The band “Bootleg” will play at the pavilion from 6pm – 10:30pm for dancing. The Colon Garden Club will have the “Ducky Derby” in some form at the park, rubber ducks for sale from Garden Club members for $5.00 each. 4 children’s races & 1 adult race with prizes to 4th place will be held. The wooden trucks will be racing down the hill for prizes too. Sparkle, Inc. will handle the fireworks at dusk (around 10:00 – 10:30). Always a great show!! Sounds like this may be the best 4th ever! It is hoped that steps from the park to the Historical Society, constructed from the wood donated by First Merit from their temporary banking unit, will be finished by the 4th. It will not be ADA approved, but it will be a help.
We would like to try to set something up to bring the residents of Mystic Grove for the Parade & celebrations. Maybe we can get the county transportation to put an extra bus for Colon…..

T-SHIRTS: A new design was chosen for 2015, we will try to get red shirts with white print. We will have them by July 4.

MAGIC WEEK: Edie has contacted a small carnival who may be transitioning from North to the South about that time of year & may be able to set up a “mini-carnival” with some rides & games in the park. Still in the works. The Friends of the Library may not have the Arts & Crafts this year. There are not enough vendors signed up (only 4 so far) to make it worth the effort. If you know any one who wants to do this, have them let the library know. We hate to loose one of the traditions of Magic Week.

Motion to adjourn at 12:45pm by KP, 2nd KM, passed.


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