Regular meeting May 13, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Smigla.
Pledge of Allegiance recited.
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Dan Smigla, Jim Bidwell, Marilyn McManus, and Sharon Craun. ABSENT: Sandra Jackson.
OFFICERS PRESENT: Fire Chief Matt Overholt, Rescue Captain Todd Wadsworth and Training Captain Tom Talbot. ABSENT: Assistant Fire Chief Dave Webb and Equipment Captain Keith Bower.
AGENDA: Approved as presented.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of regular meeting April 8, 2015, approved as presented.
Dennis Wolf, a licensed mechanical contractor, was recognized to advise the Board the status of the boiler system and probable cost to test, clean, repair, replace parts possibly needed and labor. Mr. Wolf advised the fire barn boiler system is extremely sophisticated and a very good system and worthy of repair. With repairing and proper maintenance the system most likely would last another 10 years. He would like to do the proposed work in August as the system would be down 7 to 10 days during refurbishing. Motion by Craun second by Bidwell to hire Dennis Wolf at a cost not to exceed $5,000 to inspect, clean, repair, replace parts needed and labor. AYES: Craun, Bidwell, McManus and Smigla. ABSENT: Jackson. This expense was expected and reflected in the budget.
FINANCIAL REPORT: Financial report given by Craun.
Checking account: $138,190.86
Savings (bldg.. sink) $39,165.53
Savings (lg. equip) $240.77 (Approx)
Rescue fund: $8,032.44
Auxiliary fund: $6,121.79
Bills in the amount of $13,163.91 unanimously approved for payment.
1. FIRE CHIEF: Overholt applied and received the Enbridge Grant for $1,000. May 24th is the next auxiliary pancake breakfast. It was previously to be a benefit for Jack Trayling for expenses incurred from an accident. When Jack Trayling was informed of the intended benefit for him, he thanked the auxiliary and declined as his expenses have already been paid. There were 38 calls answered for April. Mike Poortenga will replace the fire barn ice/snow stops lost over the winter and install two new rows for approximate cost of $200. The Village purchased oil dry recently from the Fire Department. Approval was given to purchase a skid containing 40 – 40 lbs bags of oil dry for a cost of $227 for the Department. Upon motion of Craun second by Bidwell unanimous approval was given to purchase 3 portable scene lights from the Rescue Squad fund at a cost not to exceed $1,590.
3. RESCUE CAPTAIN: Wadsworth advised the EMS class canceled and will be rescheduled. The Memorial Medical Flight helicopter class will be held June 15th at 7 PM. Life Care has purchased all new cots for their trucks and Steve Frisbie of Life Care will donate a used Stryker cot for our Rescue truck with the receipt of a formal request and with the proviso that it must be regularly maintained. The rescue truck will need new brackets to accommodate the cot.
4. TRAINING CAPTAIN: Talbot reported Jack Trayling has said he will be returning to work in the next two months and will be able to do a thermal imaging class soon for our department. Extrication class to be held at Yesh Metal has been postponed until May 30th. Leonidas fire department will also participate in this class and Yesh did not have enough vehicles. Physical fitness class was held last Monday. Talbot has submitted application for a $2,000 Wal-Mart grant. Overholt has applied for a $10,000 grant from ITC, if received to be used for new turnout gear. Overholt is also looking for a grant to purchase a new washing machine for the turnout gear. The Department members will be having some excursions with the boat to become more familiar with its maneuverability.
5. EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN: Absent. Reporting for Bower the members advised the 921, 926 and 925 trucks have been repaired.
OLD BUSINESS: Upon motion of Craun second by Bidwell the CFR Facial Hair/Grooming Policy with the deletion of the words “and goatees” in item 3 was adopted. AYES: Craun, Bidwell, Smigla and McManus. Absent: Jackson. Upon inquiry of McManus at the last CCFR Board meeting, Smigla reported the Township shall be paying $5,200 into the CCFR department large equipment fund per the CCFR Agreement.
Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM by motion of McManus second by Craun.
Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn McManus
Acting Recording Secretary

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