Magic Flea Market A Great Introduction Into Family Magic

James comes home from school happy, counting the days till summer vacation. James is 9 years old and has big plans this summer. He plans to vacation at Cedar Point, he wants to go to summer sports camp, and he also will be building magic illusions to impress his friends and put on a show.

Yes, the same magic illusions that you see on TV! Sawing Thru A Girl – Levitation – Dog Vanish – Girl Production – Boy Vanish are a few of the illusions he has planned. Even a spook show! Although these props cost thousands of dollars in the magic world, James will not need money to make these props because he bought a book at the Magic Flea Market called Victory Carton Illusions and it tells in detail how to make these illusions out of boxes. It even has a chapter on where to find the boxes. The cost of this wonderful knowledge, less than $1. James spent $5 at the Abbott Flea Market last year and got 6 magic books. Some of the magic books were new, some were old, some were dusty, but all were readable and perfect for a child with an active imagination and a need to burn off energy.

Last summer he made one illusion, the Victory Girl Production. It was a hit and he performed it at our annual spring garage sale last summer. This summer his plans are bigger.

The $5 table has been expanded for the upcoming flea market.

The $5 table has been expanded for the upcoming flea market.

Magic is a wonderful art to learn. For the most part, it doesn’t take much money to get started and you will be surprised the props you can make out of a little wire and glue. If you or a family member has an interest in learning magic, might I suggest the upcoming Flea Market May 11th. You will be paying pennies on the dollar for magic tricks and (the best value) magic books. Learning a magic trick will last a lifetime and build confidence in a young person.

This summer the kids need not be stuck in front of the TV or playing with their Ipad. This summer may be the start of something magical in a young persons life. Ask any magician, there was always one point in their life where they were inspired by magic and they can tell you that exact moment. Perhaps for some it will be Saturday May 9th from 9am – 2pm at the Colon Elementary in front of the $5 table. The event is free to attend, all who attend get a free Jeff McBride poster from the 2000 Magic Get Together Convention (Jeff McBride is the headliner at this years Get Together Convention in August), and we are gold Abbotts has plenty of Victory Carton Books available at the 6 books for $5 table.

Colon Elementary School
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