Colon Township Board Meeting 9-22-09

hCalled to order at 7:00pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call:
Present:Jackson, Saxman, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell

Amend agenda to add Resolution #92209 Second Resolution Regarding Yeatter Rd.
ACCEPT agenda as amended without objection
ACCEPT minutes of 8-25-09 open session and closed session without objection.
APPROVE bills totaling $29,878.65 without objection.
MOTION to adopt Resolution #92209 as submitted
Roll call:
Yes: Jackson, Saxman, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell
No: none

Old Business to discuss-
Jackson- Has there been any info about the fire hydrants yet?
Answer- McKelvey: no have not gone to Thornton’s office yet.
Jackson- Can there be a one annual bill to Steinke/Leidy properties?
Answer- Miller: The County Treasurer’s office said absolutely not. Assessor said we couldn’t bill campgrounds as a whole unit. No change at this time.
Jackson- Has the process of docks at the public access sites gone anywhere?
Answer-Hensell: no, but we know that we can send a letter to the DEQ to request. Now may not be a good time with the States budget problems.

MOTION to table Cornerstone Inspections decision until October board meeting.
Jackson/Miller unanimous

Atty. Thornton checked into the request for an easement for tree clearing and guy wires from Consumers Energy. He indicated that it would not inhibit their process if we choose not to sign the agreement.

MOTION to not accept contract for tree clearing and guy wires.
Roll Call
Yes: Jackson, Sacman, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell
No: none

Ed Bell presented a resolution requesting that the Lake Board funds now held by the St. Joseph County Treasurer be transferred to the Colon Township Treasurer with the approval of the following: Colon Twp, Lake Board, St Joseph County Drain Commissioner, Colon Twp. Board, and St. Joseph County Treasurer.

MOTION for signatories on lake Board bank accounts to be as follows:
Rhonda Miller – Treasurer,
Gayle Swift – Deputy Treasurer,
Dawn Hensell- Clerk,
Kimberly Day – Deputy Clerk
Jackson/Miller unanaimous

Camille Wilson and Tom Tenney with the Kids First Committee presented the board with a resolution to show support of the K-12 campus millage that will be on the November 3, 09 ballot.
MOTION that the Colon Township Board unanimously supports the Colon Community School millage coming on November 3, 09.
Roll Call:
Yes: Jackson, Saxman, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell

Supervisor Report-McKelvey
October 8, 09 is the Public Hearing regarding alleged violations on the Appleton Special Land Use Permit.

Attorney Report:
Working with the Yeatter Rd. paperwork.

Zoning Administrator Report:
Not present. See attached report

Fire Board Report – Saxman
See attached report

Bob Avery – Who said that the fire barn does not need a new roof?
A-Saxman said that if the grant comes through now is the time to get it done with the huge savings.

Walt Weaver – After 60 years he took a tour of the Elementary school and saw the old building that has been covered up but is still there.

Ed Bell – MSU Extension and the County Planning Commission will have a very thorough 7-week training course in the fall called the Citizens Planner. The Twp. will receive info on this. It will be very good for the Twp. Planning Commission members to participate in.

MOTION to adjourn.
Hensell/Saxman unanimous
Meeting closed at 8:05 pm

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