Special meeting posted for the purpose to consider awarding bid for a new water tanker truck.
Meeting called to order at 6 PM by Chairman Dan Smigla.

Roll Call Board Member Present: Dan Smigla, Mervel Delp, Jim Bidwell, Sandi
Jackson, and Marilyn McManus.

Also Present: Fire Chief Matt Overholt, Assistant Fire Chief Dave Webb, Rescue Captain Todd Wadsworth, Training Captain Tommy Talbot and Equipment Captain Keith Bower.

Bids received for consideration:

Moses $299,921.00
KME $308,500.00
Midwest Fire $234,712.00
CFB $299,982.00

Webb had prepared a comparative spec spreadsheet from the bids received.

Smigla opened the floor for discussion. Consensus of the Board members was the purchase of a new water tanker truck is cost prohibitive. Current savings account balance accumulated for purchase is $150,000.00. A loan would have to be obtained for the remaining cost. Jackson and Smigla had obtained information for a loan and reported it would take 20 years to pay. To apply entire savings account to the purchase would result in totally depleting funds and consequently leave no funds for emergency situations. Options discussed were purchase of a used water tanker (which is difficult to locate), ask the Village and Township to vote on millage, or raise fire department budget. The Board decided it should not ask for vote on millage because of the current assessment to pay the fire barn mortgage. Additionally, it was reported previously that additional tax millage would not be requested. Bower stated his opinion against purchasing a used water tanker because it would have to be replaced sooner. Webb would like to see $50,000.00 more in the budget for large equipment savings. This would allow for future planning regarding purchase of other vehicles as the fleet is aging.

Motion by Jackson: the consensus of the Board was to continue looking for a used tanker and not award any of the bids received for a new water tanker. Second by Bidwell. Roll call vote: AYES: Delp, Smigla, Bidwell, Jackson, and McManus. Motion passed unanimously.

More discussion ensued. Raising the budget would cost the Village an additional $20,000 and the Township an additional $30,000. The current tanker needs to be replaced because it is not safe to drive according to comments from the firemen. The State of Michigan is recommending consolidation of fire departments due to cost to maintain local fire departments in combination with a poor economy. Many options will be explored for replacement of the tanker.

Special meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM by motion of Bidwell, second by McManus.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McManus,
Recording Secretary

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