Regular meeting January 9, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance recited.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Dan Smigla, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus.

GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief Matt Overholdt, Dave Webb, Tommy Talbot, Keith Bower and Todd Wadsworth.

AGENDA: Accepted as presented.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of regular meeting December 12, 2012 approved as presented.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Financial report given by Jackson was accepted without objection.
Balances: Savings Account $ 49,566.51 (lge equip)
Savings Account $ 39,085.22 (sink fund)
Checking Account $ 69,102.76
Bills in the amount of $12,782.02 approved for payment without objection.


A. FIRE CHIEF: Overholt advised two new fire members are attending fire academy. The grant previously reported by Overholt to be denied was granted and a check for $1,000 was received from Embridge. The money to be used for purchase of new boots. A grant will be open for application in February and Overholt will prepare the application.

B. ASSISTANT CHIEF: Webb reported the payroll checks received were incorrect as they did not have correct number of hours worked on hose testing by the department members. Jackson will refigure number of hours and correct payroll checks.

C. RESCUE CAPTAIN: Wadsworth advised the new EPI pens have been purchased with an expiration date of December 2013. Glucose meter has also been received. MFR class commences January 29th. Two members will start EMT class and will travel to New Boston. Sturgis also has members attending and will furnish transportation for our department members. A new set of protocols will take effect June 1st for the Rescue department. Wadsworth is working with Life Care to help with class to save cost. January 21st class for geriatrics care will be held. February 23rd a blitz class will be held and all CCFR members will be able to obtain all credits required for their accreditation. Wadsworth is planning the night golf outing at the Sauganash golf club. Sauganash personnel have been very helpful and provide most materials needed for the outing. February 11th Wadsworth will be attending paramedic classes and Stacey Bower will be covering for Wadsworth.

D. TRAINING CAPTAIN: Talbot has posted training schedule for the year. Ice rescue training will be held in March or cold water training, depending on the weather. Hazmat training will be held Monday. Communication training was held last Monday.

E. EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN: Bower advised fire extinguishers have been received, repaired and installed. Truck 911 had grease seal replaced.

OLD BUSINESS: 4 water tanker bids received and opened at 7:20 PM.
Moses (representative present at meeting)
bid $299,921.00
KME (representative present at meeting)
bid $308,500.00
Midwest Fire (not represented at meeting)
bid $234,712.00
CFB (representative present at meeting)
bid $299,982.00
The representatives were questioned extensively by the CCFR Board and CCFR members. As the bids are complex the Board decided to place the bids at the fire barn for a few days and then at the Township Hall for review. A Special Meeting will be called for January 23rd to consider awarding bid for a new water tanker truck. Amended “Recruiting and Employment Policy” was adopted by Motion of Delp second by McManus. Ayes: Smigla, Jackson, Delp and McManus. Nays: Bidwell. “Working for Multiple Departments Policy” adopted by motion of Jackson second by Delp. All ayes.

NEW BUSINESS: 2013 – 2014 fiscal budget with total operation expenses of $134,700.00 and revenues of $134,700.00 adopted by motion of Jackson second by McManus. The proposed budget will now be presented to the Village Council and Township Board for approval. All ayes. The Board decided all prospective new CCFR members need to pass background check and drug testing before hiring.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM by motion of McManus second by Delp.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McManus, Recording Secretary

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