colon village council – Dec. 11, 2012 MEETING MINUTES

Colon Village Council Colon Village Hall
Sign Ordinance-Public Hearing 12-11-12 @ 6:45pm
Meeting called to order at 6:45 by President Tenney and the Pledge of Allegiance recited
Present: Tenney, Doenges, Delp, Kuhlmann Percival, McMannus, Craun—Also Present: Schultz, Hollister, Weinberg, Brinkert
President Tenney fielded questions and heard comments from public in attendance
Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Colon Village Council-Regular Meeting Colon Village Hall—12-11-12 @ 7:00pm
Meeting called to order at 7:00 by President Tenney
Present: Doenges, Delp, Tenney, Percival, McMannus, Kuhlmann, Craun
Also Present: Schultz, Hollister, Brinkert, Weinberg
Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes from 11-13-12, financial report, Bills to pay in the amount of $46,146.26 approved with following change: add, Mr. Gales to A. under public comments-guests Percival/Craun Unanimous –financial questions were asked of and answered by Hollister
Public Comments-Guests:
a. Mr. Gales, owner of unsafe structure at 419 N. Swan Street appeared before council. He expressed his appreciation to council for their patience and promised to correct the situation in a timely manner. Council will keep track of improvements to make sure corrections needed are done. Council also appreciated his willingness to appear at tonight’s meeting.
Monthly Reports:
a. DPW- report submitted in packet for review. Council thanks Weinberg, DPW crew and Dick Delp for making the town look so festive with the Christmas decorations. McMannus thanked Weinberg for replacing old no parking signs and for checking into a traffic problem at post office & drug store.
b. Police- New Colon Part time police officer in training, Brad Gentry was introduced to council and audience.
Motion the purchase of night vision apparatus and rifle with 100% donation from Dr. Smolarz. Percival/Delp
Council and police department thank Dr. Smolarz for all his support to the Colon Police Department
c. Fireboard-Minutes in packet for review. Chicken dinner held at Yoder’s for fire department was a huge success, 640 people were served and they are willing to do this again in Spring.
d. Lake Board Report-Out for winter
e. Planning Commission, Master Plan-Rebecca Harvey and planning commission members moving forward. Rich Fisher reported that they need to fill Tom Tenney’s spot, Tim Brown submitted a letter and resume expressing his interest in the position. Tenney feels he will be an asset.
Motion to place Tim Brown on Planning Commission, Percival/Craun
f. Colon Community Park board- Letter received from the State, approving grant extension. St Joseph Conservation is waiting for word that we have the grant and funds to install new handicap ramp on lower lake at Colon Community Park.
g. DDA Committee- Moving forward on façade grants, another two stars have been ordered for walk of fame in Colon.
h. Other committee reports-
Safeway’s to School—meeting scheduled for 12-19-12, 3:30- at the superintendent’s office.
EDC-Percival informed council that the annual report on Moving Forward (EDC partnering with Southwest MI First) will be at the village office for anyone interested in reviewing it.
Unfinished Business:
a. Motion to accept changes to the Village of Colon Employee Handbook with the addition of changing the accumulated number of sick days for new employees to 120 days. Percival/Craun
b. Michigan Ave. change to major street- after several applications in the past have been denied, President Tenney will once again submit an application to make Michigan Ave. a major street. Tenney and McManus feel that they now have the criteria to warrant Michigan Ave. changed from local to a major street. Kuhlmann/Delp
c. Motion to approve Ordinance #2012-12-11, An Ordinance to regulate signs, -Percival/Kuhlmann: 6 yeas-Doenges, Kuhlmann, Tenney, Percival, McManus & Craun, 1 nay-Delp and none absent
New Business:
a. Motion to approve the Wage enhancements as presented with the clerk/treasurer being included as a part time employee from now on.–Percival/Craun
b. New Standing committees- Doenges to take spots vacated by Bell, and Tenney to take spots vacated by Whitford until new fiscal year. Unanimous Consent.
c. Motion to make Debra Davis new village attorney Kuhlmann/Craun
d. Motion to accept resignation of Clerk/Treasurer with regret, Percival/Craun
Five applications, to replace clerk, have been received to date. Interviews will be set up soon. Wage to stay current. Unanimous Consent.
e. Citizens $30,000.00 CD, decision made by council to roll it over for another year.-Unanimous Consent
Public Comments-General-
Colon Area Chamber of Commerce, President Doenges surprises Sturgis Journal reporter Terry Katz with a gift, for her years of dedication to Colon through her great articles.
John Nelson from Fleis & VandenBrink expressed his holiday wishes, and thanked Colon for their trust in them, as they help the Village move forward.
Correspondence-Tenney reminded everyone that there is now a Facebook page “Village and Township of Colon”. This is a great way to keep current, on things happening in the Village and Township.
Tenney reported on the Census Bureau Boundary Survey, with information & updates.
Budget meetings scheduled for Jan 8-2013 prior to regular meeting @6:00pm and also Jan 16th @ 7:00pm
Unless otherwise stated all motions passed
Adjournment @ 8:15 Kuhlmann/Craun
Respectfully Submitted

Nancy Schultz Clerk/Treasurer

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