Colon Area Chamber of Commerce
Minutes of November 15, 2012

Meeting called to order at 12:05 by President Edith Doenges.

Members Present: Karin Malesh, Nancy Percival, Linda Musall & Edie Doenges

Absent: Mary Beth Bower, Kathy Coats & Greg Bordner

Motion to accept previous minutes NP, 2nd KM – Passed

There was no Financial Report, since we have no treasurer. Edie had a bank statement with a balance of 5148.14. We will be paying Trophy House $81.70 & Sparkle Inc. $1,500.00

There was a discussion of the letter sent by Sparkle detailing the billing. According to the letter, the Chamber owes Sparkle for Magic Week fireworks from 2010 $900.00, 2011 $1500.00 & 2012 $1500.00. There is much animosity between the Chamber & Sparkle. There is resentment that the Chamber was advertised as the “sponsor” and put out cans for collection towards the Magic Week fireworks in competition with Sparkle’s cans. It was also brought up that since Kay Decker is an employee of the school, the rental fees for use of the field were waived. The Chamber does not want to be the sole sponsor for the Magic Week fireworks as it is taxing on our budget. It was decided to pay the $1500.00 from 2012 & not sponsor the fireworks next year. Either another sponsor needs to be found that can work with Sparkle, or strike out on their own or there will not be Magic Week fireworks. It is hoped there will be some kind of comprise, as the Magic Week fireworks are very popular.
A motion was made by LM, 2nd NP to pay the $1500.00.

CHRISTMAS IN COLON was discussed. Terry Craft has collected approx $250.00 for prizes. There are posters for the businesses and flyers to hand out at Village Market. She is buying some ornaments to number, for $5.00 pick an ornament & try to win a prize. There will be reindeer at the Library (donations still needed) and Santa, and the Kiwanis giving out free books. The parade starts at 6:00. There will be strolling carolers, Blacksmithing demo, Pie judging contest, Chile cook off, face painting at Citizens, free magic show at Fab and vendors at the Elementary School, the Masonic Temple & Penny’s. Free food at numerous places, plus bake sales and a Chicken Dinner at Vern’s to benefit the Fire Department. Something for everyone!

We need to look at new Village Christmas decorations next year & figure out a way to raise the money for them. Tabled until later. Bring (or email) suggestions to next meeting.

We still need to view the pictures on the thumb drive to pick out post cards. If someone could bring a laptop we could do it at the meeting.

Ron Radamaker added the new mercantile at the Lamb Knit building & the eagle nest on the web page

There was a letter from a place that said the village won 2 lawn mowers. Edie was going to check on the validity of it, but it sounds like a scam.

We had a brief discussion about the EyeOpener meeting. There were not many people at the last one, so we are going to make it a semi annual event. Plan for the next one in May.

Meeting adjourned at 12:57.

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