A Few Pics of Colon’s Christmas Celebration

Our trip to the Colon Christmas Celebration started around 4pm shopping at Colon Vintage Treasures on Mainstreet where we picked up a brass statue of liberty and a secret compartment book. We parked our car at Abbott Magic then checked out the virtual Santa demo in the window (it was still daylight and it looked great). The family enjoyed cookies and beverages during our stay at Abbotts.

We made our way over to Curly’s for a pizza and then to Granny’s for some shopping (bought a hand soap dish and a decorative sleigh) and more snacks. We watched the parade then made our way down to the Elementary School where my wife shopped for Christmas treats. Plenty of Poinsetta’s and gifts were available (including photos with Santa). We bought some whole wheat bread made by the Amish, Pumpkin spice “puppy chow”, and a coke bottle with Christmas lights in it.

We then made our way to the Library to check out the live reindeer outside. There were two of them and they were very gentle and let us pet them. We went into the library where my son got a free mad libs book upstairs. St. Nick was also greeting children there which was cool.

We returned back to where we parked, Abbott Magic, and got to see the virtual santa at night. The Santa could be seen in the window a block away and Shopkeeper Greg said that people were honking their horns at it as they passed by. We bought a couple magic tricks (a fortune telling hand and a magic pendulum), then stocked up on cookies for the return trip home, a grand time was had by the entire family. Thanks for the hospitality Colon!

Below are some pics we took, Feel free to add to the gallery.

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