Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance recited.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman, Dan Smigla, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus.

GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief Matt Overholt, Dave Webb, Tom Talbot and Keith Bower.

AGENDA: Accepted as presented.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of regular meeting October 10th approved without objection.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Financial report given by Jackson was accepted without objection. Balances:
Checking Account $ 60,700.32
Savings Account $ 39,078.69 (bldg sink)
Savings Account $ 49,560.13 (lge equip)
CD $101,934.56
Bills in the amount of $1,538.29 approved for payment without objection.

A. FIRE CHIEF: Overholt reported he has received one sealed bid for snow plowing of the fire barn driveway. He will seek more sealed bids to be received and all to be opened at the December Board meeting. Overholt is expecting 6 new fire department members to begin training January 2013. 911 is changing software and the fire department is requesting purchase of a new laptop to install in one of the trucks. There is currently one in the rescue truck. The new software will provide the location of the call and nearest fire hydrant. It was the general opinion of those present it would be March 2013 until the system would be operational. Current plan is purchase of the software will be requested in April 2013 budget after prices are obtained. The laptop will also require a new air card. Embridge grant was denied. Entry door code has been changed. Fire Department Christmas dinner will be December 15th with social hour at 6PM and dinner at 7PM.

B. ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF: Webb advised the oil was changed on generator and new battery installed. Benefit chicken dinner will be December 7th 4PM to 7PM. It was unanimously approved by roll call vote to pay $9.00 per hour to the fire members who tested fire hoses. All hoses were tested and 2 were defective. The members spent 2 days (October 20th and October 21st) testing and the Board decided it was appropriate to pay members doing the testing rather than outsourcing the job.

C. RESCUE CAPTAIN: Wadsworth absent. Talbot gave report. The blood glucose license has been received. 913 truck passed State inspection. MFR classes will be held soon. November 19th Trauma class scheduled.

D. TRAINING CAPTAIN: Talbot advised the department will be cleaning Remington Seed Building on November 18th at noon. It was approved on Motion of Delp second by Bidwell to purchase new software to replace 2003 PC software. 3 Fire members have not completed mandatory training classes. Talbot stressed training very important for the safety of the fire members.

E. EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN: Bower reported fire extinguishers will be re-tested for static. The 916 had a flat tire and Bower filled with air and reported the tire appears to be fine.

OLD BUSINESS: Webb presented specs for a new tanker truck. Discussion concerning financing and possible purchase of a used versus new tanker was held. A used tanker would approximately cost $280,000 with less gallon capacity. A demo truck was listed for $278,000 also with less gallon capacity. The purchase of a new tanker would improve ISO rate in the Township, but would not affect the Village ISO rate. The insurance premium would also rise. If the loan was taken for 20 years without an additional millage it would deplete the large equipment fund for the next 20 years. Many aspects and additional research regarding purchase of a new tanker need to be taken into consideration. It was decided to proceed with requesting sealed bids to be opened at the January 2013 Board meeting.


COMMENTS: Talbot was congratulated on his recent marriage. The fire members who conducted the fire prevention class for the Colon 4th grade class were commended for a wonderful presentation. Overholt reported he has many thank yous from the class.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM by motion of McManus second by Delp.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McManus
Recording Secretary

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