Fire & Rescue Board Minutes 6/13/12



Regular meeting June 13, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Smigla.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Dan Smigla, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT: Dave Webb, Matt Overholdt, Todd Wadsworth, Keith Bower, Tom Talbot, TJ Thaxton, Greg Jordan, Terry Walls and Alisha Walls.


AGENDA:  Agenda amended to add Communications to follow Financial Report.  Approved as amended.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting May 9, 2010 accepted as presented.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given byJacksonwas accepted as presented.

Checking Account $ 27,490.10

Savings account   $ 39,062.32 (bldg sink fund)

Savings account   $ 49,548.17 (lg equip fund)

CD                        $101,934.56


COMMUNICATIONS: Jacksonread letter of retirement from Fire Chief Tim Doenges.  A letter of resignation from Rescue Captain Jodi Gross was read byJackson.  Doenges has selflessly served the Community for 13 years.  Gross has dedicated herself to excellent service to the Community for 11 years.  The Department has suffered a great loss with the departure of these fine people.






B.  ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF:  Bidwell received a request from

“SPARKLE” to wet down the 4th of July fireworks area.  Webb will handle this request and the Department will be on site during the fireworks as usual.  Webb reported the siren on Decker Road has been repaired and installed.  A request from a Colon Youth Group to hold a car wash at the East end of the fire building was approved.  Purchase of tanker truck was tabled.  Posting for Fire Chief and Rescue Captain will be done immediately with applications due July 9th.  The Fire Board to receive letters of intent at the July meeting for review.  The burn trailer will again be located at the fire barn June 22nd at 6 PM and again June 24th.  Public welcome to view this trailer. Fireman Brian Mack request for a six month leave of absence was approved without objection.





  1. TRAINING      CAPTAIN:  Talbot reported no      information has been received regarding the Wal-Mart grant      application.  Search and rescue      training held at the Smolarz property was successful.  August 20th an air care class      will be held.  Discussion was held      concerning the Reo truck, Colons’ original fire truck, to refurbish or not      to refurbish.  Most felt it was more      valuable in its original condition.       Decision for the Reo pending.       Talbot requested information concerning his budget for      training. Jackson will advise Talbot.



E.  EQUIMENT CAPTAIN/ASSISTANT EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN:  Overholt has applied for a DNR grant for purchase of 12 fire brooms and 4 water back packs at an approximate cost of $769.00.  Bower transported the 921 truck for the installation of new tires at Curriers.   911 truck battery charger is defective.  A rebuilt charger would cost $345.00 with 90 day warranty and a new charger would be $610.00 with 1 year warranty.  Approved to purchase new battery charger on motion of Delp, second by Bidwell.  Pump test will be held in July.  Hose valve was leaking and repaired at a cost of $100.00.





NEW BUSINESS: McManus moved to accept retirement of Tim Doenges and resignation of Jodi Gross with deepest regret.  Second by Delp.



Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM by motion of McManus second by Delp.


Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Recording Secretary

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