Village minutes 7/10/12

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                                            COLON VILLAGE HALL

REGULAR MEETING                                                                                        TUESDAY JULY 10, 2012 @ 7:00PM

Meeting called to order by President Whitford at 7:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Weinberg, Brinkert

Absent notice given: Hollister

Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, approval of minutes from 6-12-12, financial report and bills to pay in the amount of $21,840.55 Add to agenda under public comments guests A. Robert Dutka-running for probate judge and B. Rick Fisher approved Percival/Kuhlmann—unanimous consent

Public Comments-Guest

  1. Robert Dutka-Introduced himself as a candidate running for probate judge, handed out to council brochure on his platform and talked with council about his qualifications.
  2. Rick Fisher from Fab Magic asked permission, on Friday of magic week (1:30-2:15) to perform a strait jacket stunt in front of his business. Chief Brinkert interjected that for safety reasons it would be best to close off South Swan Street for this act. Board approved as long as a liability release was signed Craun/Percival
  3. President Whitford thanked the fire and rescue and Chief Brinkert in their assistance on the 4th of July for a medical emergency at his home.

Monthly reports:

DPW report-Seal coat south east side of town at the cost of $38,000.00 in budget Delp/Craun

Police report: Report submitted for review

Fireboard report: Minutes from 6-12-12 submitted in packet for review, positions have been posted and applications will be received on 7-11-12 to replace vacated positions.

Lake board report: Next meeting 7-14-12 –10:00am @ fire barn

 Planning Commission-Master Plan, Tom Tenney could not be present at tonight’s meeting; next Planning Commission meeting is Thursday July 12 at 7:00pm at village hall.

 Colon Community Park board: Great festivities at the park on the 4th of July

 DDA Committee report: Next meeting 7-11-12, 12:00 noon at the village hall.  Rick Fisher showcased a walk of fame star to be placed in downtown sidewalk.  Banners are up and look great!

Other committee reports: None at this time

Unfinished Business:

  1. Fiber optics ROW- council has not been approached again by the fiber optics company.  If this happens President Whitford will talk to attorney Tomlinson on what steps need to be taken to assure things are done correctly.
  2. Temporary building Inspector-Randy Schmeling—Randy introduced himself to the council and explained his role as temporary building inspector.  Council moved to extend Randy Schmeling a contract (terms to be determined) as permanent building inspector to take place in September. Unanimous consent

New Business

  1. Purposed changes for your consideration- after some discussion, council felt that a review of the entire handbook was necessary.  Personnel committee will meet to discuss further.
  2. Posting hours for park—Park hours to be from 8:00am —10:00pm with facilities open, facilities closed from Nov.-March
  3. Ed Bell brought to council attention, the lack of homeowners taking care of their sidewalks. After some discussion, council would like to have an insert placed in water bills, citing the ordinance on sidewalk maintenance expected by the property owners.

A big thank you goes out to Chief Brinkert and police dept., Jim Weinberg DPW and Eddie Doenges and Kay Decker for all the work they did to help make the 4th great.

Public Comments: Guest John Barnes-candidate for Probate Judge-did not appear

Correspondence: Thank you received from Kim Morgan, commending the amazing job the police did on the 4th of July


Adjournment @ 7:55 Kuhlmann/Craun


Unless otherwise stated all motions passed


Respectfully Submitted


Nancy Schultz Clerk/Treasurer

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