Chamber Minutes 5/17/12

Colon Area Chamber of Commerce

Minutes of May 17, 2012

Meeting called to order at 12:05 by President Edith Doenges

Members Present: Edith Doenges, Julie Baker, Nancy Percival, Mary Beth Bower, Linda Musall Absent:  Karin Malesh

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Motion to accept April minutes by JB, 2nd MBB,  Passed. Motion to accept April treasurers report by LM, 2nd NP,  Passed.

There was a discussion of the mornings “Eye Opener” Meeting at the Library.  It seemed to be a success, and enjoyed by those who attended.  There were approximately 15 in attendance, and a new member was signed up – Colon Vintage Treasures.  We will plan another one in 3 months. Old Business:      4th of July and Magic Week, The Cake Walk is still open if someone needs an easy fundraiser.  If not the Chamber can try to do it, if members will donate  cakes and cookies.  However we will be doing the Rabbit Ears.   We will need volunteers for that also. Edie has a water slide to use which could be a fundraiser for someone also, we will try to contact PEG to see if they are interested. We would like to see more kids bikes decorated, maybe a nice prize?  Pizza gift cert? I made a note we were to contact Ernie Baker & Eric Bower, but not what it was for….. Sorry….. We will be ordering new T-Shirts this year, and plan to use the Abbott logo and 75th year.   Julie will check on prices from various places.   We would also like to get reusable bags to sell.   Greg said he would be ordering bags for the magicians signed up  for the workshops, so we could “piggyback” with him, or we could order them & give hin the 400 he needs at cost.   We would like them red with the 75th Abbott logo. 

 A motion was made by NP, 2nd by MBB to order 700 bags and retain 300 for us to sell if they could be found at a good price.    Nancy also wanted to check on the cost of flags for kids to wave at the parade, either with Magic logo, or American flags for under .50.  Approx 1000 of them.   We would want these items for July 4th, and continue to sell them at Magic Week.   Greg gave us permission to use the Abbott logo on these items.  Our ideal would be Red with white logo if cost effective.  

 Motion to get 300 shirts from Lemon Street Design by JB, 2nd MBB, approved. There will be a band at the park on the 4th – “Boot Leg”  at 6:00 PM. Mark Brinkert asked if the Chamber would pay for extra patrolmen on the 4th, to direct traffic around the town during the parade.  It would cost $40.00 for each extra patrolman & they will need 2.  Motion by NP, 2nd GB, passed. Greg inquired about the BUSKING CONTEST this year.  He said he had a magician who would manage it.  The Chamber will pay $500.00 in total prizes.  Motion by NP, 2nd MBB, passed.

No new business on the slate this time. Motion to adjourn at 1:10 by GB, 2nd MBB, passed. Respectfully submitted by  Linda Musall, Secretary.

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  1. Chuck says:

    We will have a proposal on the busking for the next chamber meeting. Once everything is official we will notify the magic community and begin promotion on what I hope will be an extraordinary busking experience for Colon.

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