Fire Board minutes 5/9/12



Regular meeting May 9, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Chairman Smigla.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Smigla, Delp, Jackson, Bidwell and McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT:  Fire Chief Tim Doenges, Dave Webb, Jodi Gross, Matt Overholdt, Keith Bower, Tom Talbot, Terry Walls and Todd Wadsworth (late).


AGENDA:  Accepted as presented.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of regular meeting April 11, 2012 approved as presented.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given by Jackson was accepted as presented without objection.   Balances:  Checking account $ 36,069.33

Savings account   $ 39,059.00 (bldg sink fund)

Savings account   $ 49,048.17 (lg equip fund)

CD                        $101,934.56

The Board unanimously authorized Sandi Jackson to request address change for the Sturgis Bank and Trust statements for the Colon Community Fire Rescue Department from 1063 E M86, Colon, MI 49040 to:  Colon Community Fire Rescue, Colon Township, P.O. Box 608, 132 North Blackstone Ave., Colon, MI 49040.


Norman Paulson was approved to be retained as auditor for the Colon Community Fire Rescue Department at a cost of $1200.00 for fiscal year 2011/2012 by motion of McManus second by Jackson.



A.  FIRE CHIEF:  Doenges was authorized to replace bay garage doors seals at a cost of $546.00 for materials and installation by motion of Delp second by McManus.  Doenges discussed quotes he had obtained for a new water tanker.  Quotes ranged from approximately $150,000.00 to $250,000.00.  Quotes were for a less expensive tanker as some equipment was not included such as black box and dashboard panel lightups which are not required by our insurance company nor pertinent to the vehicle per Doenges. More quotes and comparisons will be sought.  It was noted a poly tank would be better (and more expensive) than a stainless steel tank.


B.  ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF/TRAINING CAPTAIN:  Webb advised the siren on Decker Road is still not working after initial attempt to repair.  The siren has been sent to Colorado for repair and should be back next week.  If siren is unable to be repaired then Consumers Power will be contacted to determine if there is a power surge problem.  Tarp on the 911 truck has been installed.  Webb reported training will be held at the Smolarz property in June.  Dry hydrant training was completed.  McManus informed Webb the Village Council approved, at its May 8th meeting, the use of Swan Street Park for firemen’s challenge to be held July 4th.

RESCUE  CAPTAIN:  Gross reported she and Todd had completed medical emergency 300/400 class.

D.  EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN/ASSISTANT EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN:  Overholdt reported ladder training was held with one ladder failing the test.  New pegs (used to hook to roof) were installed.  SCBA testing showed battery issues with the packs and recommendation was to check batteries weekly.  The 921 truck needs two new front tires.  Motion by Delp to approve purchase of the tires from Currier at a cost of $890.56 installed, second by Jackson.  Unanimous approval.  Bolen Tire quote was approximately $14000.00 installed.  Gross, Overholt, Walls and Talbot held a first aid and safety class for 10 members of a Girl Scout troop.  It was enjoyed by all.




NEW BUSINESS:  McManus inquired as to the current number of Fire/Rescue members.  Doenges responded 19 members (including the 3 new members).  Full force would be 25 members.  Currently 3 new members are attending required classes.   Next class for new members will be held in January 2013 and Doenges will advertise positions available in October.  It was reported 1 member has not been attending training or answering calls for quite a long time.  It was recommended by Doenges the absence of the fireman be addressed by the Board.  Todd reported the first county wide firemen’s poker run will be held June 9th.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to sponsor a child burn victim to attend camp.


Meeting adjourned 7:42 PM by motion of McManus second by Delp


Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Recording Secretary

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