Colon Village minutes 5/8/12

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                            COLON VILLAGE HALL

REGULAR MEETING                                                                        5-8-12 @ 7:00PM

Meeting called to order by President Whitford at 7pm and Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Baker, Brinkert, Schultz Weinberg

Consent Agenda: Approval of agenda, approval of minutes from 4-10-12, financial report, bills to pay in the amount of $23,689.43 Bell/Craun, (Kuhlmann abstains)

Public Comments: Guests-None

Monthly Reports:

  1. DPW: Two trees to be cut down on S. Swan and Short street at the cost of $500.00 by AMF tree service McMannus/Delp (Kuhlmann opposed) For information: two to three places in town will need to have tree roots cut out of sewer main, Weinberg to get prices.
  2. Police Report:  1. The budgeted amount of $238.54 will be used to purchase 84 temporary signs and accessories, they are plastic and reusable. These signs will be used for July 4th and Magic week to help close N. Blackstone due to parking issues. Order to be placed now, so they will be here in time for the 4th. Percival/Delp   2. After a review of applicants, Chief Brinkert requests the hiring of, Candace Scott to do some clerical and cleaning work at police station.  The job will require 3 hours per week at the cost of $9.00 per hour. Craun/Kuhlman 3.Council voted to repeal traffic control order 01-07 (no parking on Palmer Ave.) and traffic order 02-07 (restricting traffic from E. State street onto Goodell) Craun/Kuhlmann 4. Brinkert gave council a review of monthly stats.  5. Open air sales and Vendor Ordinance has been tabled indefinitely. McManus/Delp
  3. Fire board Report: minutes from 3-14-12 and 4-11-12  in packet for council review. Council approves the Fire Department for the fireman’s challenge 7-4-12 after the parade. They will use the village park located on South Swan street. Delp/McManus  Council expressed some concern on the resignations to our fire department, leaving them shorthanded.
  4. Lake board Report: Next meeting is set for Sat. May 12, 10:00 at the fire barn. Bell reported that dam water is at summer level.
  5. Planning Commission-Master Plan Proposal Bids: After interviewing applicants, the planning commission would like the village to hire Rebecca Harvey.  1. Kuhlmann made motion to approve Rebecca Harvey as consultant for the Master Planning process for the village of Colon. Kuhlmann/Delp (McManus opposed) 2. Percival made motion to approve a budget, not to exceed $12,000.00, taken from the general fund balance, for the purpose of development of a Master Plan for the village of Colon Percival/Delp (McManus opposed) 3. Percival motioned to approve, that after the Master plan process has been completed,  the Village of Colon retain Rebecca Harvey on a consulting basis for the necessary revisions and rewriting of the zoning ordinances of the Village of Colon to insure that all ordinances are brought up to date and in full compliance with Master Plan.  After some discussion among council members Percival amended to include “pending approval of contracted rate”. Percival/Delp (McManus opposed) Council also thanked Tom Tenney and his committee for all the work they have done up to this point.
  6. Colon Community park board: Playground equipment in, thanks to many volunteers, also thanks goes to Covenant church for supplying a bountiful lunch on Friday. Garden club working on a memorial garden, looking for large rocks, if anyone has some, please contact garden club member.  Park board still looking into floating dock issue.  Chamber has reserved Community Park, the 4th of July for some special festivities.
  7. DDA Committee report-uptown magic star walk update: Rick Fisher reported that banners sales have been tremendous.  They may still be ordered until the end of May at the cost of $170.00, see Fisher. Council approves Fisher to solicit sales and receive money for bronze “Sidewalk Stars”. Craun/Delp   If anyone is interested in finding out about this unique project, you can see Rick Fisher.  Council also thanks Fisher for his effort, working with the DDA, on projects to enhance our town.  Fisher also reported that HUD is restoring the grant, which will help some of the shop owners in town, refurbish their properties, this summer.


Safe ways to school: None


Other committee reports: None

Unfinished Business: On May 15th, a group from Colon will go to the Capital Building in Lansing where Bruce Caswell will introduce Colon as the Magic Capital of the World, as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.

New Business:

Palmer Ave. no parking signs- See Police report

Colon fire/rescue request-See Fire board report

Public Comments-General: None

Correspondence: None

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Adjournment @ 8:05 Craun/Kuhlmann

Respectfully Submitted


Nancy Schultz


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