All who attend Abbotts $5 Magic Show at 1pm this Saturday Receive A Magic DVD

One of Abbotts many traditions include the Summer Saturday magic shows. Beginning Memorial Day weekend and ending Labor Day weekend, each Saturday beginning at 1pm there will be a 30-50 minute magic show that the whole family can enjoy at Abbotts. Seating at Abbotts is plentiful and tiered so there is no worry about seeing the stage. Only $5.00 per person these are a great value for a fun family outing and this Saturday we have something special for all who attend.

Abbotts will be giving away a magic dvd on levitation to all who attend the upcoming Saturday magic show at 1pm on May 26. We have seen this DVD for as much as 29.95 depending on where you shop and now it can be yours as a thank you for attending our opening day summer magic show on Saturday.

This Saturday’s magic show will feature Gordon Miller as your magician. Gordon has been involved with Abbotts Magic and the Magic Get Together since the re-birth of the New Tops in 1961. Gordon succeeded his good friend Neil Foster as editor of New Tops Magazine and has appeared as a performer at more Magic Get Togethers than anyone else, breaking the old record set by Karrell Fox. Gordon’s smooth style and gentle humor are displayed in the Saturday $5 Magic Shows. In addition to being one of the top magic men in his field, Gordon has authored several books on magic (including one of my favorites, the Abbott Compendium of Card Magic which is a best seller at the Abbott Magic shop) and also is a Special Service veteran of the military.

See you at the show!

Tiered Seating Allows Even A Big Crowd To See The Show!

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