State Honors Colon As Magic Capital

SR-154, As Adopted by Senate, May 15, 2012

Senator Caswell offered the following resolution:

Senate Resolution No. 154.

A resolution commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Abbott’s Magic Get Together.

Whereas, Since 1934, the village of Colon in St. Joseph County, Michigan, known as the Magic Capital of the World, has played host to the world-famous Abbott’s Magic Get Together, which draws magicians, magic enthusiasts, and interested spectators together from around the globe to this southwestern Michigan town; and

Whereas, The people of Colon will welcome visitors from far and wide to their community to celebrate the 75th Abbott’s Magic Get Together during the annual Colon Magic Festival this summer. Except for four occasions when the event was cancelled, the Magic Get Together has continued every year for more than seven and a half decades, culminating in this year’s 75th celebration; and

Whereas, Colon has long held the title of the Magic Capital of the World because of the colorful magicians and innovators in the magic business who helped found the burgeoning magic industry here many decades ago. Famous individuals in the magic industry, like Harry Blackstone, Percy Abbott, Recil Bordner, and Monk Watson, coalesced around Colon to found the magic institutions that remain there to this day; and

Whereas, Despite the ever-changing state and national economy, the magic supply industry has grown throughout the years, and it remains alive and strong in Colon. Not even World War II could stifle the magic industry in Colon, as the United States government during the war years deemed it a vital industry for supplying the entertainers who served the troops and providing materials for soldiers’ recreation. Today, Abbott’s Magic Company and The FAB Magic Company still call Colon their home; and

Whereas, The fun, excitement, and mystery of illusions being performed on stage transcends generations, technological changes, and societal differences to bring people of every age and all walks of life together to enjoy the skills and showmanship of magicians. Each summer, the annual Abbott’s Magic Get Together and Colon Magic Festival continue this tradition; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate, That we join with the people of the village of Colon, St. Joseph County, and all of Michigan in celebrating and commemorating the 75th Abbott’s Magic Get Together; and be it further

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the village of Colon, Abbott’s Magic Company, and The FAB Magic Company.

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