Get Together Performer Leads Magic Delegation to North Korea

U.S. Magicians Visit North Korea

In April a delegation of prominent American magicians visited North Korea, the first group of U.S. performers invited to that country since the New York Philharmonic performed in Pyongyang, the capital, in January, 2008

Led by Dale Salwak of Southern California, the delegation included Rich Bloch of Washington, D.C., Danny Cole of Southern California, and their assistants Ryan Salwak and Stacey Cole. The group departed from Beijing and arrived in Pyongyang the same day for performances in North Korea’s capital over the following week.

The groundwork for this visit was laid by Salwak during two previous visits to North Korea: In 2009 when he was the only American magician to perform at the national birthday celebration for the country’s revered founder, Kim il-Sung, and in 2011 when he was invited to view and meet North Korea’s lead magicians in their spectacular “Grand Magic” show in the 150,000 seat Rungrado May Day Stadium.

Dale Salwak will be performing at the upcoming Get Together August 1-4, 2012

American delegation prior to the opening ceremonies in North Korea (From Left): Rich Bloch, Danny Cole, Stacey Cole, Jae Hwe Ku, Ryan Salwak, Dale Salwak.

North Korea’s lead magician, Kim Taek Song (center) after discussing a future cultural exchange with (From Left): Yuji Yasuda, Jae Hwe Ku, Dale Salwak, Ryan Salwak.

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  1. Jay Boyle says:

    Dale Salwak is extraordinarily brave and wise. He knows that people respond to art and his particular brand of artistic expression is magic, something for which he has an innate talent. He is utilizing this to build bridges.”

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