Village minutes 3/13/12

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                                            COLON VILLAGE HALL

REGUAL MEETING                                                                                           TUESDAY 3-13-12 @ 7:00PM

Meeting called to order @ 7:00pm by President Pro-Tem Percival and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun

Absent notice given: Whitford, McManus

Also Present: Baker Brinkert, Schultz, Weinberg

Consent Agenda: Approval of agenda, approval of minutes from budget workshop and regular meeting of 2-14-12, financial report and bills to pay in the amount of $142,109.91 Delp/Bell, unanimous consent

Public Comments: Guests

  1. David Mc Keith and Julie Bontrager, integrated teaching and learning project-tall sales- David McKeith speaks to council about combining outside resources to classroom work.  Request made to hang banners done by students, by dam spillway fence and place beach balls in spillway. Permission given after Weinberg has a chance to look this over for safety measures Delp/Craun this is to take place May 11th with alternate rain date May 18th.

Public hearing on the proposed 2012-2013 budget: Budget approved, as submitted by office manager Baker. Craun/Kuhlmann, unanimous consent

Monthly Reports:

DPW Report: Problems occurred with batch of sending units on the water meters, Master meter came and corrected problem. Kubota with broom, snow blower, mowing deck and blade to be purchased at the cost of $32,000.00.  Total cost with trade in $27,000.00. This is in DPW budget. Craun/Delp

Police Report:  Approval of part time Patrol Officer-Council approves the hiring of part time officer Alex Wright.  Starting salary is $10.50 per hour with no other benefits and a years’ probation.  Craun/Kuhlmann  Brinket reports that the Police Department was $20,000.00 under budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Fireboard Report: No new minutes at this time

Lake Board Report: Next meeting 4-14-12, fire barn @ 10:00am

Planning Commission: Master Plan Proposal bids-Tenney reports that he is working with several companies to get proposal bids (our input with their help) and will submit them at the April meeting. Tenney and Osthoff working with Attorney Tomlinson on sign ordinance.

Colon Community Park Board: Build Play Ground April 27 & 28 Pre-meeting is scheduled for April 17th (time not yet available)  a request was made to St. Joe County Road Commission to use some of their equipment, for this project.  Ron Cerney has offered his equipment, if use of the St Joe County Road Commission equipment is not available. For information purpose—high school wrestling coach has asked permission to use the barn on the Colon community park premises this summer.

DDA Committee Report: River Country Tourism Booklet was a huge success with a profit of $700.00.  Façade grant revisited, expected to move forward and will have more information in June. Working on cookbook and banner projects and also exploring other objectives to help beautify and promote Colon.

Safe ways to school: Kirby working with safe ways to school on survey

Insurance Committee Report:  Craun gave report-stay with current carrier

Other Committee Reports: Percival handed out minutes for the March 5th EDC meeting. Percival expressed her excitement in the fact that the EDC and Southwest Michigan First are joining together in partnership. 


Unfinished Business: None

New Business:

Michigan Recreational Passport Program:  Another parks grant was brought to the council’s attention.   After council discussed the time frame, it was decided to hold off on this for now.  Correct decisions need to be made and proper paper work needs to be done. Council feels first grant needs to be implemented first.  Council asks park committee to work on grants for next year.

Wages for employees: 2% as quoted in budget   Craun/Delp unanimous consent

Clerk/Treasurer job description and new base: New base to be set at $2100.00   Bell/Delp unanimous consent

Estimated mills for ambulance and fire: Based on last year’s SEV Kuhlmann/Craun

Sewer resolution 12-03 and water resolution 12-03a-  (1)A resolution to increase the sewer rates to meet the revenue required for the system was offered by Craun and seconded by Kuhlmann with 5 yeas: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun—0 Nays and 2 absent: McManus and Whitford (2)A resolution to increase water rates to meet the revenue required for the system was offered by Kuhlmann and seconded by Bell with 5 yeas: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun—0 Nays and 2 absent: McManus and Whitford

2012-2013 general appropriations Act: Approved Bell/Craun

Public Comments:-General–None

Correspondence: None

Adjournment @ 7:55 Delp/Craun

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully Submitted,


Nancy Schultz





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