Colon DDA minutes March 7, 2012

Village of Colon Downtown Development Authority Meeting

Colon Village Hall                                                                               March 7, 2012

Present: Chairman Rick Fisher, Vise Chair Rick Farrand, Tadd Davis, Linda Tomlinson & Director Julie Baker

Absent: Sec/Treas Pam Gilbert, Mary Beth Bower, Kevin Edson, & Tom Whitford

Meeting called to order by Chairman Fisher

Motion for Director Baker to take minutes, Tomlinson/Farrand, approved

Motion to wait to approve 2/1/12 minutes when available at the next meeting, Farrand/Tomlinson, approved

Motion to approve financial report provided by Director Baker: Davis/Farrand, approved

Old Business:

Director Baker reported on the Visitors Guide final approved. The DDA received $325 from the Colon Chamber for helping with ads for their page.

Board members will be checking with the following for replacing the open position on the board. Anyone interested will submit a letter of interest to the DDA Board.

  • Fisher will contact Tammy Johnson, Ted Schipper and Mary Fox
  • Farrand will contact Terry Decker and anyone else at Hemel’s who might be interested.
  • Davis will contact Mrs. Schumaker.

Cook Book email from Gilbert, asking for more involvement from members on getting recipe forms out to the public. Baker has received one form to enter and will be typing from old books provide by Fisher.

Banner Project – Fisher handed out forms for business sponsorship. A minimum of 20 banners is needed to get the $175 per banner cost. The banners could have more than one sponsor, so the price could be lower for them. Members made a list of which businesses/service clubs to contact about sponsorship.

Motion was made to put out cans to raise money for the DDA Banner Project. Tomlinson/Farrand, approved.

Motion was made to have Fisher contact the company in Kalamazoo for a possible graphic mock up for the forms and cans so there could be a better picture of the banners. Davis/Farrand, approved.

Motion was made to have a special meeting on March 21, 2012, noon at the Village Hall, for making the banner cans and work on the Cook Book. Tomlinson/Farrand, approved

New Business:

Davis reported that The State of Michigan will be re-opening The Façade Grant in July 2012. The process will state up right where it was stopped. Of the three businesses that were applying before only two have verified that they will be continuing at this time. We are waiting to hear from the third.

Motion to Adjournment Tomlinson/Farrand, approved 12:54 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Julie Baker Colon DDA Director

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