Village minutes 4/10/12


REGULAR MEETING 4-10-12 @ 7:00PM



Meeting called to order by President Whitford at 7:00pm and pledge of allegiance recited

Present: Whitford, Bell, Delp, Percival, NcManus, Craun

Also Present: Baker Brinkert, Schultz

Absent: Weinberg

Absent-notice given: Kuhlmann

Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes from 3-13-12, financial report, Bills to pay in the amount of $22,800.59 Approved with following corrections to Agenda: Bills to pay in the amount of $25171.06 and under public comments guests add Craig Shumaker. Percival/Craun-unanimous consent

Public Comments-Guests:

Chief Brinkert, introduced to council, Alex Wright, new officer in Colon.  Brinkert stated that he is doing a great job and his field training is almost completed.  Council welcomes Alex to our community.

  1. Kay Holmes-Food Pantry- Kay reported that the number of families using assistance has grown, serving approximately 100 families.  Forms were handed out to council to show how families who need assistance qualify. Feinstein foods will add an additional 10% on monetary gifts thru end of April.  At present, 20 people are working at food bank many of these work for food, the rest are volunteers.  Food bank open from 8:30-11:30 every Tuesday and volunteers are always welcome.  Colon food bank is the only food bank in Michigan to receive a MI award last year.
  2. Craig Shumaker from Fleis & VandenBrink requested funds needed to renew 2012 ground water discharge, at a cost not to exceed $5000.00.  Council approves President Whitford to sign renewal paperwork and get permit in place. Percival/McManus

Monthly Report:

  1. DPW: Report in packet for council’s review- 50 more sending units needed at the cost of $7200.00 total.  Bell/Craun. Approval to flush hydrants May 7th thru May 11th. McManus/Delp
  2. Police Report-uniform cleaning allowance- Approval given for annual uniform allowance-Chief $650.00, officers $450.00 and part-time $150.00 yearly.  Craun/Bell — Police Clerk/Cleaning person part time needed, Brinkert to post position and get job in place Craun/Percival
  3. Fire Board Report: Meeting scheduled for 4/11/11
  4. Lake Board Report: Meeting 4/14/11 @ fire barn 10:00am state behind on issuing permits for chemicals needed to service the lakes.
  5. Planning Commission-Mater Plan proposal bids-Tenney spoke on proposals received and handed out to council, a spread sheet, with work they would accomplish and costs.  Council each received packet from Main Street and were asked to review its contents.  Main Street works in conjunction with Fleis & VandenBrink.  Council asks that the Planning Commission bring to May council meeting, their recommendation.
  6. Colon Community park Board-Build playground April 27 & 28- Meeting to be held at village hall on 4-17-12 @ 2:00, if interested in helping please come out for this informative meeting.   Council will need a quorum present. Signage is needed at park to indicate type of motor vehicle allowed on path. (golf carts are illegal and will not be allowed to travel park path) Barn at park this summer will be used as a training facility for wrestlers. They will provide their own liability.  Delp/Craun
  7. DDA committee Report-Appointment recommendations & Banner request $170.00-Council votes to appoint Mary Fox to DDA committee. Delp/Percival   DDA is working on banners for Colon.  Need 20 more banners purchased by end of May to be displayed by the 4th of July.  Council approves purchase of Village Banner-Bell/Percival.  Fisher, will work to get some churches and community organizations involved.  Fisher request permission to investigate; walk of fame stars to be place in downtown Colon. Unanimous Consent
  8. Safe ways to school: Nothing new to report
  9. Insurance committee report: Closed for discussion at March meeting
  10. Other committee reports: None

Unfinished Business: Nothing at this time

New Business

Library is doing some work to front of building.  Delp brought to council’s attention that this would be a great time to get some outdoor outlets for many things that happen outside of the library.  Zimmerman, township council member, said he would check into this.

  1. Friends of the library request- Request to close N. Blackstone during Magic week, as in previous years. Craun motioned to approve Memorial Day parade,  4th of July parade, and closing of Midway on North Blackstone for both the 4th of July and Magic week (friends of the library) seconded by McManus. Unanimous consent
  2. Annual approvals & appointments-Colon Village Council regular meetings for 2012-2013 Percival/Bell, Repeat recurring bills for 2012-2013 Percival/Craun, Appointments 2012-13: President pro-tem-Percival McManus/Craun Attorney-Tomlinson, unanimous consent, Police Chief-Brinkert, unanimous consent, Clerk/Treasurer-Schultz, unanimous consent, Banking Firms-Citizens Bank & Sturgis Bank & Trust, Percival/Craun Street Administrator and Assistant Street Administrator –McManus and Craun, Percival/Bell (McManus abstains) Fire board members Delp & McManus Craun/Percival, unanimous consent, Lake board-Ed Bell, Delp/Craun (Bell abstains) Community park board-Bell, unanimous consent, Planning Commission-Tenney, Fisher Craun, Osthoff, Campbell, unanimous consent, DDA Board-Fisher, Davis, Whitford, Bower, Gilbert, Tomlinson, Farrand, Fox, Edson & Earl, unanimous consent, DDA Director-Julie Baker, unanimous consent—it was stated that Baker is doing an outstanding job.  Standing Committees 2012-2013: Blight, Police Chief: Brinkert, Unanimous consent, Christmas decorations: Kuhlmann, Delp, Whitford-unanimous consent, EDC: Percival unanimous consent, Equipment: Delp, Bell-unanimous consent, Finance & Insurance: Whitford, Craun-unanimous consent, Fireboard: Delp,McManus, unanimous consent, Lake board: Bell-unanimous consent, Parks: Delp, Bell, Percival-unanimous consent, Police: Whitford, Percival, Kuhlmann-unanimous consent, Sewer-Water: Bell, McManus-unanimous consent, Street administrator-McManus Street administrator assistant-Cruan-unanimous consent, Wages, Personnel: Percival, Craun-unanimous consent, Zoning: Osthoff, Baker-unanimous consent, Zoning Board of appeals: Kuhlmann, Craun-unanimous consent

Public Comments-General : Wayne Held and the village council thank Mike Zimmerman from township board for coming to tonight’s meeting.  It shows commitment on his part to keep village and township solid in their commitment to serve this community.

Reminder of Pancake Breakfast at Masonic Hall this Saturday, April 14th for Marcia Blackman.

Correspondence: None

Adjournment @ 8:30 Delp/Craun

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully Submitted



Nancy Schultz-Clerk/Treasurer

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  1. Will says:

    Being that I live on the Lake I am always interested in what is going on about the lake. It seems as in this past meeting no public notification of the Lake Board Meeting is occuring. If you happen to miss the minute note that says next meeting is whenever. I thought public notice of board meetings is always suppose to be given. Maybe we could work on this.

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