Township minutes 2/21/12

Colon Township Board Meeting

Minutes of February 21, 2012   7:00pm                           Accepted______________________


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Present: Jackson, McKelvey, Smigla, Zimmerman, Miller

Absent: None


The agenda was amended to say, “ the budget workshop is Thursday, February 23, at 10:00 a.m.”


Without objection the minutes of the 1-24-12 regular meeting and the 2-7-12 and 2-15-12 special meetings were approved.

Without objection the bills were approved in the amount of $30,174.95.


Sherry Engle attended the meeting representing the Community Historical Society.  They were asking permission from the township to use the cemetery on July 28, 2012 for a “Cemetery History Walk”.  Motion by Jackson, second by Smigla to give them permission, all ayes.


Attorney Thornton Report –  the Candace Smith fence has been taken down by the township at a cost of $235.00.  This amount will be added to her taxes; the Appleton trial has been set for 2-29-12 at 8:30 a.m;

Discussion was held concerning the ordinance changes.  Thornton will report back to the Planning Commission and bring back to the Township Board for approval.


Fireboard Report was given by Dan Smigla.


Under new business:


1.   The budget workshop will be held on Thursday, February 23, at 1000:a.m.

  1. The      Fireboard Budget was approved for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  Motion by Smigla, second by

Zimmerman, all ayes.



  1. Mike Woodruff


Trustee Zimmerman asked that the following statement be a part of our minutes.  McKelvey, Miller, Smigla and Jackson agreed:


The article that appeared in the Sturgis Journal last Thursday, February 16, 2012, concerning the new “89 cent water service fee approved by the Village Council had a lot of info in the article that was incorrect.  I think the Township needs to set the record straight:


The 1st incorrect statement reported was:  that Colon Township used to pay $14,000 each year in fire hydrant fees;  for the record, Colon Township NEVER paid $14k a year in hydrant fees.

The truth is:  in the last full fiscal year, Colon Township paid only $9,600 in hydrant fees; and under the new agreement effective October 2011, Colon Township agreed to pay $7k in fees to the village; so the difference is $2,600


The 2nd incorrect statement reported was:  The village loss of $7k was left in the hands of the village; that is not the case; there is NO $7k loss to the village.  The truth is:  under the old fire/rescue contract, the village was required to contribute approximately $4400 (32% of the hydrant budget) to the fire/rescue department for the hydrant fees; the township contributed the $9600 to the fire/rescue department, for a total of $13,880; the village would then turn around and bill the fire/rescue department for the entire $13,880; the villages contribution, in essence, was a wash; they gave it then took it back.


My final comment is 2 parts:  1.  The article stated: each village customer needs to be charged 89 cents a month “to balance the loss of the fire department not paying the hydrant rentals.”  Since the township has agreed to contribute $7k a year in fees directly to the village and the hydrant rental is no longer part of the fire/rescue budget, which means the village no longer has to contribute $4400 to the fire/rescue department, my calculation tells me the actual revenue loss to the village is only $2600 a year.


If I were a village resident, I would definitely question:

  1. why was it necessary for the village to implement a 89 cent a month fee
  2. this fee would generate $6700
  3. the actual revenue loss to the village was only $2600


2.  The village council agreed to the new terms of the agreement in good faith, it reads poorly to me that the village council now uses that agreement as an excuse..



Motion to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Jackson, Clerk

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