Fire Board minutes 2/8/12



Regular meeting February 8, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Dan Smigla.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman, Dan Smigla, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus. ABSENT:  Sandi Jackson.


GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief Tim Doenges, Matt Overholdt, Jodi Gross, Dave Webb ToddWadsworth,  Tom Talbot, and Keith Bower.


AGENDA: Accepted as presented.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting January 11, 2012 approved without objection.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given by Smigla was accepted by motion of Delp seconded by Bidwell.      Balances:

Bldg fund                 $34,050.41

Checking Account    $29,567.65

Equipment fund       $34,043.93

CD                          $101,934.56



  1. FIRE      CHIEF:  The Board was advised by      Doenges that some members of the fire department will be installing the      insulation in the fire barn walls this weekend.  The material will be purchased from      Tomlinson Lumber at a cost of $4,400.       A tarp for the 911 truck is estimated to cost $325.  He reported the tarp that possibly could      be obtained from Vanguard is Velcro and would not work for the truck.  A canvas cot used for transport fromColonto Borgess was      lost by the Hospital.  They will      donate $325 to our department for purchase of a new cot.  Doenges is working on a ten year plan      for purchase of replacement vehicles.        He expects the budget for next fiscal year to be less than the 2012      – 2013 proposed budget.  Approval      was given for Doenges to contract with Branch County Highway Department to      seal the driveway at the fire barn at a cost of $5,300 on motion of      McManus, second by Delp.  The grant      submitted for a tanker truck was turned down.  This is the second time the grant has      been rejected.  The cost for the      grant writer for the two attempts was $3,000.  The tanker needs to be replaced and has      no trade in value as it leaks.       Doenges will check for prices for a used tanker.



  1. ASSISTANT      FIRE CHIEF/TRAINING CAPTAIN:  Webb reported      training will be held this month for ice rescue or, if no ice, cold water      rescue.



  1. RESCUE      CAPTAIN:  Gross reported the      replacement canvas cot is on back order.       She is pricing epi pens for future purchase but currently has      enough.  Gross informed the Board      that Barry Parrish and Todd Thibideau have let theirEMS     license expire.  Doenges will talk      with each of them for their intentions.       Letters sent to fire personal who have not met requirements were      sent by Doenges to date no response has been received.  Bidwell asked that they be notified they      are welcome to come speak to the Board for some resolution.


  1. EQUIPMENT      CAPTAIN:  Overholdt reported the      cascade test was performed and passed.       He also reported April will be ladder testing month.  The nozzles for the 925 and 915 need      replacing at an estimated cost of $325.       Also needed are one 5” and two 4” blind caps.



OLD BUSINESS:  Budget presented was discussed.  Revenues will be listed as Township and Village contributions.  Revenue received from insurance is deposited in the sinking fund.  Budget for the 2012 – 2013 fiscal year was accepted without objection.  Budget will be presented to the Township and Village for approval.  A bid of $600 was accepted for the purchase of the old lawn mower. A bid of $250 for the roll behind was not accepted.  It was the opinion the roll behind should be worth more as it is 5 years old and original cost was $1,500.  Applications were received by the Board members for positions for department officers.  Smigla advised the Board will have interviews for applicants after the March meeting.


NEW BUSINESS:  Tom Talbot has applied for a grant from WalMart for a stair chair which is estimated to cost $3,600.  The chair is collapsible and would be used to transport patients down the stairs of a building smoothly.  The stair chair would allow the department to expedite moving the patient while waiting arrival of Life Care at the scene.



Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM by motion of Delp second by Bidwell.


Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Recording Secretary

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