Colon Village minutes 2/14/12

Colon Village Council Budget Meeting—2-14-12—6:00pm @ Village Hall

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by President Whitford

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Baker, Schultz, Brinkert, Weinberg

21012-2013 Budget:

Police Dept:  Revisions received from 1-16-12 meeting

Dept. of Public Works: Revisions received from 1-16-12 meeting

Administrative: Office manager Baker went over line items for council, and answered questions

Wages: 2% raise for all employees, base pay for clerk/treasurer position raised to $1900.00

Fire Dept: Budget received from fire dept. and reviewed by council

Office manager Baker went over following  funds, and explained any line items in question

General Fund

Major Streets Fund

Local Streets Fund

Sewer Dept. Fund

Water Dept. Fund-Cost of living rate increase

Motor Vehicle Fund

***Budget ready for council vote at the March meeting

Adjournment @ 6:55

Colon Village Council—Regular Meeting—7:00 @ Village Hall

Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited Present: Delp, Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, and Weinberg

Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes 1-10-12 & Budget meeting 1-16-12, financial report and bills to pay in the amount of $20,125.13 Consent Agenda approved with correction to regular meeting of 1-10-12 under old business I. should read ( She and Whitford) Percival/Kuhlmann, unanimous consent.

Public Comments: Guests The Colon Garden Club-Blue Star Memorial—Sherrie Engle, Sherri Parr and Dixie Schumacher spoke to council on behalf of Garden club.  A blue star memorial is to be placed in the new community park.  Garden club has agreed to fund cost of marker, approval granted by council Delp/Kuhlmann. Garden club will contact Hacker family for large rock donation.  Council appreciates the efforts of the garden club and looks forward to the dedication ceremony of this memorial, possibly July 4th.

Monthly Reports

DPW– 50 sending units to be purchased at the cost of $7200.00 Delp/Kuhlmann Burr Oak would like to purchase one of our leaf wagons.  Purchase price set at $600.00 Kuhlmann/Craun  Railing to be installed at M&M grill at the cost of $2500.00—budgeted item

Police Report- Council accepts resignation of Ofc. Juday Craun/Kuhlmann.  Police committee will now be in the interview process for replacement.  Starting salary to be $10.50 per hour.  LED light bar to be purchased at a price not to exceed $1306.74, this includes installation Craun/ Kuhlmann.  Street light to be placed at the intersection of Farrand Rd & M86 Delp/Craun


Fireboard Report-In packet for review, council reviews fire budget, approved Kuhlmann/Delp


Lake Board Report-waiting for weed control application-1st meeting for 2012, April 14 -10:00 @ fire barn


Planning Commission-McKenna Master Plan ProposalTenney and Fisher request help to establish a Master Plan for our village.  Gregory Milliken, from McKenna and associates appeared before council to explain his credentials and what he would do to help create this Master Plan.  This is a time sensitive matter and is required by the state of Michigan. After some discussion council would like to get other bids for this project.  Office manager Baker will call Fleis and Van Den Brink to see if they are knowledgeable in this area. Council asks planning commission to get a few other bids for this project.   Need a list of what we would require any company to do, so we can compare costs correctly.


Colon Community Park Board-Build Play Ground, April 27 &28need volunteers to install equipment on those days.  Will put request in water bill, could use 40 voluteers.


DDA Committee Report-Board Minutes submitted for review–Working on River Country tourism book and Colon cook book.  Fisher reported that it has exceeded the DDA’s expectations. They are making progress to pay back village for their initial outlay. Recipe forms can be picked up at village office or emailed to anyone who wants to get a recipe in this book.  Deadline is March 30th 2012 for recipe submission


Safe ways to School-Superintendent Kirby mapped out sidewalks on school routes in need of repair-next step, submission to safe routes to school coalition.


Insurance Committee Report-Craun, getting quotes from insurance companies.


Other Committee Reports- Whitford, Fisher, Bordner, Watson to attend a legislative meeting in Lansing MI, May 2012.  Officially make Colon the Magic capital of the world, in commeration of our 75 years.


Unfinished Business:

Water Dept. Service- Service charge added to all water bills in the amount of .89 cents  per month to make up for loss incurred to village in recent negotiations with township on fire department agreement. Kuhlmann/Craun.


New Business: Recommendations for Budget 2012-2013- 2% raise for all employees, cost of living for water/sewer, raise for clerk/treasurer base salary to be $1900.00,  council will not take raise this year.


Public Comments: General- Information center in Village hall is being requested by chamber.  A pamphlet center would be available there. This would be open to public, business hours for village office.  Thanks to Davis and Davis for giving chamber a pamphlet center which can be installed on the wall.  Mike Woodruff spoke to Tom about “Freedom of Information”


Correspondence: Special Colon Township Board meeting from 1-18-12, letter from Ken Worsham, letter from Michigan Municipal League.  ISTEA rural task force #3—St. Joseph County Road commission requires delegate and alternate for this task force. Whitford to be delegate Kuhlmann/Percival, Bell to be alternate Craun/Kuhlmann


Adjournment @ 8:30 Delp/Percival

Unless otherwise stated, all motions passed

Respectfully Submitted,



Nancy Schultz


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