Magic Flea Market May 12th

The Abbott Flea Market/Auction is an annual event which will take place May 12th in the Colon Elementary School. Admission and the bidding card is free (you only pay if you want to sell magic, $30 a table and available online)! Beginning at 9 am the Flea Market is open and every hour on the hour will be a 15 minute auction up to 2 pm and then the rest of the auction will take place. A limited number of Flea Market tables are available for sellers. (One table per magician please). This will allow you to also put 3 items in the auction. Tables sell out early and the Abbott showroom will be open during the day for regular business.

For a much better idea of what the Flea Market and Auction are like, check out the webpage which has around 200 pictures of past flea markets/auctions and also info on being a seller. Remember to attend the Flea Market/Auction is free, you only have to pay if you are selling magic.

Below are some pics from last years Flea Market and Auction

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