Colon DDA minutes 12/7/11

**Unapproved Minutes**

Village of Colon Downtown Development Authority Meeting

Colon Village Hall

Dec.7, 2011

Present: Tadd Davis, Chairman, Rick Fisher, Rick Farrand, Tom Whitford, Linda Tomlinson, Kevin Edson, Director Julie Baker, Sec/Treas Pam Gilbert (arrived after consent Agenda)

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Tadd Davis

Chairman Davis asked Director Julie Baker to take notes until Gilbert arrives.

Motion made to approve Agenda –Tom Whitford 2nd Rick Fisher

Motion: Approved                      Opposed: None

Motion to approve 11/7/2011 minutes –Tom Whitford 2nd Kevin Edson

Motion: Approved                       Opposed: None

Motion to approve financial report: Linda Tomlinson 2nd Rick Fisher

Motion: Approved                         Opposed: None

Director worked with Township Assessor and all DDA parcels are now marked and set up for the TIF capture.

Pam Gilbert presented information on a Cook Book Fundraiser – she will work up pricing and packages for the nest meeting. Baker is to post on web site about collecting recipes. Rick Fisher stated he has an old Colon Recipe Book and we could use recipes from that.

Motion made to go forward with this fund raiser: Rick Farrand, 2nd TomWhitford

Motion: Approved                       Opposed: None

Rose Szwed from River Country presented information for advertising in the River Country Visitors Guide after much discussion a Motion was made to do an ad Cost of $1000.00 we will sell ads to business to pay for the ad  by Rick Farrand 2nd Kevin Edson

Motion: Approved                            Opposed: None

Elections were Held

Chairman Nominations

Tadd Davis – declined

Rick Farrand

Rick Fisher – accepted

Vice Chair Nominations

Rick Farrand- Accepted

Sectary / Treasury

Pam Gilbert- Accepted

Motion made to accept Dan Earl Verbal resignation Tom Whitford 2nd Rick Farrand

Possible replacements – Gale Hartman (present) and Candy Minor not accepted at this time

Grants Defunding – no more information at this time.

Grants for Banners- the cost $180.00 going to be presented to the Village Council the following Tuesday.

Motion made to change meetings to 1st Wednesday of the month at Noon, Village Hall Linda Tomlinson 2nd Tom Whitford

Adjournment by Proclamation at 1:14pm

Respectfully Submitted

Pamela Gilbert


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