Colon Fire Board minutes 12/14/11




DECEMBER 14, 2011


Special meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Chairman Dan Smigla.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Dan Smigla, Mervel Delp, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell and Marilyn McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT:  Fire Chief Doenges,  Assistant Fire Chief and Training Captain Dave Webb, Equipment Captain Matt Overholdt,  Todd Wadsworth, George Garl, Ed Bell and Mike Woodruff.


Fire Chief Tim Doenges had prepared a tentative budget for fiscal year 2012 – 2013.

Doenges reported the budget will be $5000 less than this year’s budget.   The format used by Doenges and the current format used by the Board’s bookkeeper are not the same.  After discussion by the board, Jackson and Doenges agreed to meet to redo the budget in the format currently used by the Board’s bookkeeper.  Items needed for budgeting are paving the driveway and possible insulation for the building.  No estimates are available at this time.  Doenges has not received a quote from Branch County Highway Department for paving and needs to check on cost of insulation.  McManus stated the budget is due for a January presentation to the Village Council and Township Board.  Jackson said that was according to the new agreement which has not been ratified.


Special meeting adjourned at 6:38 PM by motion of Jackson second Bidwell.


Regular meeting December 14, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Smigla.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Dan Smigla, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief Tim Doenges, Matt Overholdt,and  Dave Webb,  Todd Wadsworth, George Garl, Edward Bell and Mike Woodruff.


AGENDA: Accepted as presented by Chairman Dan Smigla.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting November 9, 2011 were approved by motion of Jackson second by Delp.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given by Jackson was accepted by motion of Bidwell seconded by Delp.  Balances:  Checking account:

October 31, 2011        $58,012.27

November 30, 2011   $47,491.77



  1. FIRE CHIEF:  Doenges reported the grant for the tanker is in progress and will take 6 to 9 months for announcement of awards.  Grant, if awarded, would then take another year to receive.  The foam machine obtained by a DNR grant was used at a recent fire and was very effective.  The machine is a back pack, weights about 30lbs and attacks the carbon.  Doenges is collecting information to improve our ISO rating which insurance companies use for determining rates for property owners’ insurance.  The Village rating is 5 and the Township is 9.  Doenges has an extensive list of things the Department would need to do to receive an improved rating.  He will try to obtain information regarding how much insurance rates might be lowered if a better ISO rating were to be received. The concern being the cost to implement the changes may be more costly for the fire department than property owners would save for insurance.
  1. ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF/TRAINING CAPTAIN:  Webb spoke about firemen

training requirements.   Four members have not completed the mandatory classes.  This will be addressed at the beginning of next year. Dave gave the board members the records for training classes attendance.  He also reported the “burn” trailer will be here again June 16th through June 30th.  He has an ACL driver to pick up the trailer in Allendale and transport to Colon at no charge to our department.  The cost for the trailer is $500 for maintenance and $1 rental.  He expects to recoup most of the cost from other departments in the area who will come for training.  Mendon FD has already expressed an interest in attending the class.  June 15th Webb, Overholt and Walls will attend a two hour training session in Allendale.  The used lawn mower has not been sold yet.  Webb will extend the posting time and hopes someone will be interested to purchase it by Spring.

  1. RESCUE CAPTAIN:  Gross was absent. No report.
  2. EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN:  Overholdt reported the DOT inspection was held and was passed.  Trucks 911 and 921 need oil changes.  This is quite expensive; one will be done at Bowers and one at Fishers.  921 truck also needs new tires.  Ladder and hose testing will all be done in house next year.






Meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM by motion of Bidwell second by Delp.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn McManus, Recording Secretary

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