Colon Village minutes 12/13/11

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                          COLON VILLAGE HALL

REGULAR MEETING                                                            TUESDAY 12-13-11 @ 7:00PM



Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, McManus, Percival, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes from regular meeting 11-8-11, Financial report, Bills to pay in the amount of $58,208.47. Approved with following changes: Bills to pay $64060.06, move C under unfinished business to B under public comments. C under public comments should be Response from Chief Brinkert to Sturgis Journal editorial. D. Add Paul Osthoff to sit on planning commission and place him as Zoning Administrator under E monthly reports. Percival/Craun unanimous consent.

Public Hearing-MSC 209078-ICE Wastewater System Capacity Enhancements Compensation

Public hearing opened by President Whitford.. Members from Flies and VandenBrink appeared, explained summary of work completed ,approved by council. Meeting closed by President Whitford.

Public Comments-Guests

A. David Tomlinson-Fire Agreement: Council remains firm on the contractual agreement between the Village and Township. The amount of $2600 per year, as agreed upon by both boards, is to take effect on 10/1/11. As a result of this, the figures are prorated and this is ware the $1300 comes into. Julie Baker, Village Office Manager, met with Rhonda Miller, Treasurer of the Township to discuss this on 11/9/11 At that time the Township thought that the Fire Dept had paid extra to the water dept in this fiscal year. Baker showed Miller that the April hydrant rental payment was for the period of Feb 15 to March 15, 2011, there for the accountant would make an adjusting entry to move it to the previous fiscal year. Miller disagreed and was informed by fire dept. accountant that payment would be going into last years records. Fire Agreement tabled until Township reviews and responds, during official meeting on this subject Delp/Percival (Kuhlmann opposed) Attorney Tomlinson to speak with township attorney.

Village council states that Township has spent in excess of $25,000.00 on legal fees to save Township residents a few thousand dollars.

B. Benches-Nothing to report, Council will turn this matter over to planning commission for review. Council apologizes to Tom Tenny and planning commission that this was not done prior to tonight’s meeting

C. Letter to Editor-Sturgis Journal: Chief Brinkert handed out packet to council and audience of his findings, and what the state mandates, on this matter.

Monthly Reports:

A. DPW report: In packet for review

1. Drill purchased to open and shut dam gates.  Purchased approved by President Whitford with council consent.

2. 50 more water meter sending units to be purchase from monies in capital improvements at the cost of $7000.00 Delp/Craun

3. Christmas decorations are in need of repair or replacement. Weinberg to get costs for council.

4. Total Foundations-ITC Improvements will need water supply from village for their project.  Water charges will be incurred and charge to them at a higher rate.

B. Police Report: In packet for review

Percival read letter’s from Sheriff Balk and Georgeanna Sparks commending them on their police work, during a crime which almost cost the victim her life.  Council took opportunity to praise the police force, and the work they do.

C. Fire board Report-Board minutes: 11-9-11 in packet for review, Budget meeting set for 12-14-11 at fire barn.

D. Lake board report: Out for season, waiting on water quality reports

E. Planning Commission: Planning Commission recommends Paul Osthoff as new member-council concurs Kuhlmann/Delp Osthoff to become new zoning administrator Kuhlmann/Craun

F. Colon Community Park Board: While Marcia Blackman is in hospital–Edie Doenges will take over her duties, handling payments and other park related items.

G. DDA/Facade Committee Report: Moving forward, doing fund raising projects for DDA at this time.  Rick Fisher named as new DDA chairman.

H. Safe ways to school: Craun informed council of the finding, after walking audit.  They will move forward, to see what assistance is available.

I. Other Committee Reports: Craun & Whitford, looking into new employee medical insurance. Council all feels that no increase, in employee contribution should be expected of employee’s this year.

Unfinished Business:

A. Update on the open air ordinance: Nothing to report

B. Update of city banners: Rick Fisher received completed quote for banners.  He will bring banner around, to businesses, to ask for sponsorship.  McManus asked that he first check with zoning to make sure banners will be approved by them.

C. Update on benches: moved to B under public comments

D. Zoning administrator appointment: moved to E under monthly reports

E. Official vote on wage enhancements: Approved Percival/Craun

New Business:

A. $30,000 CD matures on 12/19/11 current interest .450. Council will go to Citizens Bank for a 1 year CD @ .35% Kuhlmann/Craun

B. Consumer energy resolution: Moved to accept Percival/Kuhlmann

C. Rehmeyer refund request: Some discussion from council, moved to refund her $120.00.  Baker would like to see change on application to include “non-refundable application fee. Percival/Craun

D. Water Dept. Service: Tabled until Fire Agreement is signed

Public Comments General:

-Council feels Village Zoning application must be re-vamped.  Baker will work with Osthoff to create a new zoning permit. Kuhlmann/Craun

-Sharp Farms-new 5 year lease agreement put in place at the cost of $105.00 Delp/Percival Council expresses their thanks to them for the help they give the DPW and all other things they do around town.

Whitford and Percival still looking into placement of signs for Colon—at this point their does not seem to be a good location within a 10 mile perimeter.

Correspondence in packet for review:

1. Colon Chamber of Commerce minutes from 10-20-2011

2.  Colon Township board meeting minutes from 11-22-11, Village of Colon, Chamber of Commerce and the DDA– scheduled meeting for 2012.

3. Bordner Park–village does not have a record of any sign for that park.

4. MICDBG progress report–approval for Whitford to sign Percival/Craun


Adjournment @ 8:40 Craun/Percival

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed



Respectfully Submitted


Nancy Schultz, Clerk/Treasurer

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