Colon Fire Board Minutes 11/9/11



Regular meeting November 9, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman, Dan Smigla, Sandi Jackson, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and Marilyn McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief, Tim Doenges, Matt Overholdt, Jodi Gross, Dave Webb and Todd Wadsworth.


AGENDA: Accepted as presented.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting October 12, 2011 were amended to add second to motion to purchase Husqvarna mower by McManus.  Minutes were approved as amended by motion of Delp second by McManus.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given by Jackson was accepted by motion of Bidwell seconded by Jackson.  Balances:  Savings Account $68,080.86

Checking Account – not received in time

to distribute


  1. FIRE CHIEF:  Doenges advised the Board the fire barn has 2 boilers and the # 1 boiler is in need of repair.  D & W Maintenance will check the boiler tomorrow.  Doenges requested the Equipment sinking fund and the building sinking fund be separate accounts.  Still waiting for Portenga to install ice guards on the fire barn roof.  After reconsideration of his statement at the previous meeting, Doenges reported that there would be a cost for uniforms for the new fire/rescue members at the cost of $100 – $120 each, however there should not be any equipment charges incurred for the new fire/rescue members.
  2. ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF/TRAINING CAPTAIN:  Webb reported all but 2 members (who were at work) attended driving training class this last month.  There will be a cob wash down at Remington Seeds this month which provides an opportunity for training for the fire members.  Additionally, pump, air, and drivers training will be held.
  3. RESCUE CAPTAIN:  Gross reported the CPR classes held November 5th and 6th were a huge success.  All participants were very receptive and enthusiastic.  Delp reported that our rescue team is comprised of terrific trainers.  Gross said they may possibly have a CPR class in the Spring for young people.  There will be a continuing education class for environmental emergencies November 21st.
  4. EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN:  Overholdt reported there will be DOT inspection this month.

OLD BUSINESS:  The new mower has been received.  Postings will be prepared and posted for the sale of the old mowers.

NEW BUSINESS:  McManus suggested the Board by-laws be reviewed.  Jackson will bring copies of the by-laws to the December meeting.  Doenges has a tentative budget prepared for the 2012 – 2013 fiscal year; he anticipates the budget will be less than this year’s budget.  The Board will hold a Special Meeting December 14th at 6:30 PM to review the budget which is due to be presented to the Village Council and Township Board January 2012.  Smigla read a letter from the Friends of Colon Township Library thanking the Fire/Rescue Department for the monetary donation in memory of William McManus.


Meeting adjourned at 7:26 PM by motion of Delp second by McManus.


Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Recording Secretary


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