Colon Fire Board minutes 10/12/11



Regular meeting October 12, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


Pledge of Allegiance recited.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Smigla, Delp, Jackson, Bidwell and McManus.


GUESTS PRESENT:  Fire Chief Tim Doenges, Dave Webb, Jodi Gross, Matt Overholdt, Keith Bower, Tom Talbot, Todd Wadsworth, Tom Whitford, George Garl, TJ Thaxton, Greg Jordan and Robbie Fisher.


AGENDA:  Accepted as presented.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting September 12, 2011 were approved by motion of Delp second by Bidwell.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Financial report given by Jackson was accepted as presented without objection.   Balances:  Checking account $43,317.75

Savings account   $68,072.56



A.  FIRE CHIEF:  Doenges reported a bid for tar and pea stone for the fire barn driveway was received from St. Joseph County Highway Department for $2700.  He will also be requesting a bid from Branch County Highway Department.

B.  ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF:  None at this time.

C.  RESCUE CAPTAIN:  Gross reported airway oxygen procedure class will be October 17th.  The sign up sheet for the free CPR class November 5th has the maximum of 25 people already signed up.  The sign up sheets will remain posted until October 31st.  An additional class will be held November 6th  if enough people show interest.  A CPR class will be held at the Mendon Crossroads Missionary Church November 12th.  The cost is $25 per person.

D.  TRAINING CAPTAIN:  Webb reported he held driver training classes this last Monday at the County Highway Department Garage.  All but 5 members were there for training.  Webb presented prices for purchase of a new lawn mower   He had obtained many quotes from different dealers in the area.  After many questions to Webb and discussion by the Board, Bidwell moved to purchase a 66”, 31 horse power new mower for $8,000 from Seybert’s in Coldwater.  Jackson seconded.  Roll call vote:  NAYS:  Delp, McManus and Smigla.  YEAS:  Bidwell and Jackson.  Motion failed.  Delp made a motion to purchase a 60”, 29 horse power new Husqvarna mower from Magic City Hardware for a cost of $8,000.  AYES:  Delp, McManus, and Smigla.  NAYS:  Bidwell and Jackson.  Motion passed.  Old mowers will be posted for bids to sell.  The old mowers may be viewed Mondays at 7PM on at the fire barn.

E.  EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN:  Overholdt reported the fire prevention program presented at the elementary school was a huge success and enjoyed by the children.  Two belts were replaced on the 926 truck.


OLD BUSINESS:  The two firemen, Keith Bower and Dave Webb, applicants for the position of Assistant Fire Chief, were present and answered questions from Board members.  Position will be filled until the elections in April 2012.  Roll call vote:  Webb:  Delp, Smigla and Jackson.  Bower:  McManus and Bidwell.  Dave Webb will assume the position of Assistant Fire Chief.  He will also retain his position as Training Captain.


NEW BUSINESS:  George Garl, TJ Thaxton, and Greg Jordan, applicants for positions on the Colon Fire and Rescue Department were present.  All Board members interviewed the applicants.  All applicants seemed eager and well qualified for the appointments.  McManus questioned how many positions were open and if there would be a need to purchase new equipment.  Doenges responded there are currently 17 fire/rescue  members and no more than a total of 24 are needed.  Doenges stated there was enough equipment and there is no need to purchase any additional.  Roll call vote to accept all applicants:  AYES:  Delp, McManus, Smigla, Bidwell and Jackson.  Garl, Thaxton and Jordan were welcomed as members of the Colon Community Fire Department.

Village President, Tom Whitford, on behalf of the Village extended a thank you to Brandon Thibideau for his many years of service to the fire department.


Meeting adjourned 7:50 PM by motion of Delp second by Jackson.


Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Recording Secretary

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