Colon Village minutes 10/11/11

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                                             VILLAGE HALL

REGULAR MEETING                                                                                                       TUESDAY 10-11-11 @ 7 :00




Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann,Whitford, Percival, McManus, Cruan

Also Present: Brinkert, Weinberg, Baker, Schultz

Consent Agenda: Approval of agenda, approval of regular minutes 9/13/11, closed meeting minutes 9/13/11 and special meeting 9/29/11, Financial report and bills to pay in the amount of $19,948.60 Percival/Craun Unanimous consent

Public Comments-Guests

a. Fire Agreement-Township response-Village to except purposed agreement as presented and voted on at the 8-17-11 meeting. With understanding that township would take monies from special assessment fund. Roll call vote seven yeas: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun, 0 nays and none absent

b. Still looking into ways to give back dam to county

Monthly Reports:

a. DPW – Leaf pickup-help from Jeff Guiter at $10.00 per hour Delp/Craun.  H2O Towers to clean water tower at the cost of $3000.00 Kuhlmann/Bell.  Fire Hydrant at the west side welcome sign to be replaced at the cost of $1500.00 and Parrish to install at the cost of $600.00 Delp/Kuhlmann.

50 Water meter sending units to be purchased at the cost of $7000.00 (for all) Percival/Craun

b. Police Report: Report in packet for review

c.Fireboard Report:-Board minutes in packet for review

d. Lake board Report: Out of session for until the Spring.

e. Planning Commission: Next meeting 10-20-11 at 7pm-village hall

f. Colon Community Park Board

1. Work started. Amend motion from 9-13-11 council meeting–Excel approved new amount of $19,260.00 Percival/Delp.  Marcia Blackman to leave set of park plans at village hall. Playground equipment has been ordered and will arrive in November.  Plan to install in early spring.  Volleyball sand is in, floating dock could be installed yet this year.  1st payment has been received from the DNR

g. DDA/Facade Committee Report

1. Facade Grant progress-progressing as planned-three businesses to be involved in this years grant.

h. Safeways to school- Craun to meet with principal Kirby at 3:15 on 10-13-11 at grade school

I. Dam-special assessment, waiting to hear back from Attorney Tomlinson

j. Other Committee Reports: MDOT road signs–Whitford informed council that speaking with MDOT, he was informed that MDOT does not allow these signs to be put up anywhere.  Council asks Whitford to go thru Pure Michigan as perhaps he went to the wrong agency.  He will report back to the council on his findings.

Unfinished Business:

a. Update on open air ordianaced-report to be given at November council meeting

b. Update on city banners: Rick Farrand, presented to council, the cloth banners he receive from Kalamazoo Banner work as a sample.  He will now go to businesses, to see who would be willing to sponsor banners and would like to see this be a community wide project.  He will also contact the Chamber to see what role they would like to play in the purchase of these banners.  Prices vary according to quantity and materials used.

c. Benches: Letter receive by council, from Anne-Marie-Bradley-Woodruff.  After some discussion, President Whitford, once again reiterated that this was an on-going discussion, trying to follow what was advised by the attorney Tomlinson, to make correct decisions.


New Business:

a. Trick or treat time: Monday 10-31-11, 4-6pm with contest at grade school immediately following Craun/Kuhlmann

b. Office computer/DPW computer: Due to problems with overload on Baker’s computer and also problems with DPW computer–Weinberg to receive Baker’s computer and Baker to get computer that will handle village documents. Purchased from Tiger Direct, at a cost not to exceed $1000.00 Bell/Delp

Public Comments-General

Council to consider new office hours at village 9-4:30 or possibly some other alternatives, be prepared to discuss at November meeting.

Dashboard receive from Baker.  Council appreciated all her efforts on a job well done

Baker requested that Shirley who cleans the park be given the job of cleaning the village office. This would be 2-4 hours per month. Percival/Delp

Kuhlmann would like help at the grade school selling popcorn on Wednesdays from 11:30 to 12:30, please contact her if you would be available.

Correspondence: SCMCCI–Chris Hamilton, construction code inspection.



Adjournment @ 8:00 pm Kuhlmann/Bell

Unless otherwise stated all motions past





Respectfully submitted

Nancy Schultz Clerk/Treasurer



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