Colon Community Chamber minutes 10/20/11



Minutes of October 20, 2011


Meeting called to order at noon by President Edith Doenges.

Members present were: Edith Doenges, Julie Baker, Nancy Percival, Mary Beth Bower, Linda Musall and Kathy Coats.


Pledge of Allegiance was said.


The resignation of several board members was discussed, and motions made to appoint new members. NP made motion to appoint Linda Musall secretary, 2nd by MBB, Passed.

Last meeting Julie Baker was named as Treasurer.

JB nominated Mary Beth Bower as vice president, 2nd by NP, passed.

The current slate of officers are:

Edith Doenges President

Mary Beth Bower Vice President

Julie Baker Treasurer

Linda Musall Secretary

Nancy Percival Director

Greg Bordner Director


We were introduced to our newest member of the Chamber, Kathy Coats, representing Absolute Home care & Medical Staffing. Kathy had several suggestions to improve our presence in Colon.


Kay Decker’s resignation letter was read. NP made a motion to accept Kay’s resignation with regrets, 2nd by JB, Passed




Tom Whitford was to contact the service organizations in town to co-sponsor Sparkle fireworks for the 4th & Magic Week. Donations were offered, but no co-sponsorship yet.


Edi reported profits from Shirt Sales – $300.00 from new shirts & 60.00 from previous years shirts.


Rick Fisher was investigating banners for the Village light poles. He quoted $3000.00 from the Kalamazoo Banner Co. for banners all down M-86. Rick was going to approach the businesses to see if they would buy the banners near their businesses if their names would be on them. Item was tabled until a firm quote was received. Add’l funding is still in the air.








There was a motion to change the signatures required on the checking account at Sturgis Bank & Trust Company to be: Julie Baker, Treas, Edith Doenges, Pres. & Linda Musall, Secretary. Only one signature needed on checks. Any of the three may deposit, withdraw or open new account. Linda is to take the minutes to the bank & get signature cards to facilitate this change.


Christmas in Colon will be on Friday December 2, 2011. Additional information will be forthcoming. We look for a bigger parade this year. We are all to pray we have nice weather again this year!!


Kathy Coats made a suggestion that the secretary send an email blast containing any new information from any of our members. For example, new employees, new additions to buildings, industry awards, events being planned. So if something is happening in your business that you want advertized, let the secretary know at, and I will try to get it out to everyone.


Tentative plans were made for a business expo for the members of the Chamber. A networking opportunity and a possible membership drive. It was discussed having it at the Grange hall or the Fire hall. More information to follow.


The secretary was also given the job of press releases, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 1:10.


Respectfully submitted by Linda Musall, Secretary


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