Colon Township minutes 8/23/11

Colon Township Board Meeting

Minutes of August 23, 2011 7:00pm                      Accepted______________________

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:    Present: Jackson, McKelvey, Smigla, Zimmerman  Absent: Miller

The agenda was amended to move the Fire Contract Discussion to after the Zoning Report,

Without objection the minutes of the 7-27-11 regular meeting was approved.

Without objection the bills were approved in the amount of $34,025.86.

Dave Locey, CPA, presented our 2011 Annual Audit.

Zoning Administrator Report – Glenn Lindsey

  1. 10 zoning permits issued
  2.   4 building permits issued
  3.   5 electrical permits issued
  4.   1 plumbing permit issued

Four violations have been issued.

Fireboard discussion:  Mike Zimmerman went through the 7 issues that were listed in the August 18, 2011, email from Dave Tomlinson. as follows:

  1. Agreed with the 68%/32% split, with a 60%/40% split as to repair, maintenance, grounds and building.
  2. Agreed with the $7000 per year for hydrant rental, which would be paid directly to the village and not included in the fireboard budget.  The township would also deposit $2600.00 into the large sinking fund fireboard account on a yearly basis.  The requirement that these payments would be taken from the special assessment was NOT agreed with.
  3. Agreed with the length of the agreement.
  4. Agreed with the selection of disbursing agent by the fireboard. Agreed that any compensation for the disbursing agent be agreed upon by the Township and Village.
  5. Agreed on the budget approval.
  6. Agreed with the statutory changes concerning fireboard members and terms.
  7. Agree to a new deed listing the Village and Township in the same percentages as the building.   Strike the sentence concerning the property returning to Harold Hemel
  8. The township will agree to continue to operate under the same term for 30 days from 8/31/11.

After discussion with other board members a motion was made by Zimmerman to incorporate into a formal contract our acceptance of the concept as in the email received on 8/18/11 and to agree to continue to operate under the same term for 30 days after 8/31/11.  Second by Smigla.  Roll call vote:  Ayes – Smigla, Zimmerman, Jackson and McKelvey.  Absent – Miller.

The bid of $3250 from Alvin Bontrager to remove the 12 trees at South Colon Cemetery was accepted.  Motion by Jackson, Second by Smigla.

Lakeboard Report – George Slouber reported they hired PLM Quality Control to take over the lakes this year; 2 new buoys have been erected; there is still one stump floating north of the beach area.

Beach Report – None

Attorney Thornton Report:

1.  He presented the Palmer Lake Beach Ordinance to the board.  Motion by Smigla, second

by Zimmerman to adopt Ordinance #182.  Roll call vote-Ayes-McKelvey, Zimmerman,

Smigla, Jackson.  Absent-Miller.

Appleton Hearing – we asked for fees and costs of $3000.00, we received $1000.00

Restitution.  Both Appletons have until 10/1/11 to pay or else serve jail time.  If and/or when we have to go back to court we will be asking Middleton to recuse himself.

Fireboard Report-Smigla

Public Comment:   Bell stated maybe we could use our local police department in helping with the beach.

  1. Watson asked why we chose not to talk about the camping on Long and Palmer lakes.
  2. Osthoff stated that many stipulations were stated by the ZBA when the Miller variance was issued but for some reason they weren’t included in the final draft.
  3. Bower asked if the ordinance stated a garage cannot be erected without a primary residence.
  4. Zimmerman asked if the current zoning board had any authority to remove or revoke a variance.

Motion to adjourn by Smigla, second by Zimmerman.

Meeting adjourned at 8:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Jackson, Clerk


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