Village Council Minutes 8/9/11


Meeting called to order at 6:45

Present: Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Absent notice given-Delp

Ordinance 2011-8-9 read by Percival

Public comment on Ordinance 2011-8-9 RE: Alcohol Possession and/or Consumption in a public place

A few questions were poised to Chief Brinkert and answered by him.

Adjournment @ 7:00pm




Meeting called to order at 7:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Absent notice given-Delp

Consent Agenda: Approval of agenda, approval of July12, 2011 minutes, financial report and bills to pay

In the amount of $66,080.72. Motion made by Percival to accept consent agenda with the following change-bills to pay in the amount of $66504.70 seconded by Bell…unanimous consent

Public Comments: Guests

Attorney Tomlinson-Fire Agreement Letter: Council was given updated letter in packet for review by Attorney

Tomlinson on Friday August 5. The letter outlined what the attorney’s have discussed and what the township would like to see in the Village/Township fire board agreement. Council discussed, debated, questioned many of the items for 1 ½ hours.  Percival made the following motion—70/30 % (township/village) for fire department budget and equipment. 60/40% (township/village) for building. The village wants their name put on the deed and the township would pay the village $7000.00 for hydrant rental. Motion was seconded by Craun.  Roll call vote was taken with 2 yeas: Percival, Craun—4 nays: Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, McManus and one absent Delp-Motions fails.

A special meeting, open to the public, will take place on Wed. August 17, 2011@ 7:00pm at the village hall. Council members felt they needed some additional time to review all that was given to them.

Public comment- Dog ordinance: Sturgis has ordinance on dangerous animals due to an attack.  Police committee of Brinkert, Whitford, Kuhlmann & Percival will look into getting such an ordinance in place.

Monthly Reports:

DPW-New wall needed in front of Attorney Tomlinson’s office at the cost of $2600.00 from Joe Geibe  Kuhlmann/Craun (McManus opposed). North east section of town will be seal-coated the last part of August.

Police Report: Chief Brinkert will request a copy of the ordinance on animals from Sturgis.  Brinkert reports 11 peddler’s permits were issued and everyone was really happy to see the dam lights on.  Council would like to thank Chief Brinkert on the work he did to get an $8000.00 grant for new squad car.  Police Dept. would like to thank the fire dept and DPW for all their assistance during magic week and also to those who helped clean up on Sunday morning.

Fireboard report with financials: In packet for review.  McManus brought up the issue of swimming pools and the need for some changes in that area.  She will work on it over the winter and come back with suggestions in early spring.

Lake board report: Next lake board meeting to take place 8-13-11, 10:00 at the fire barn.  Very little money spent on cleaning up the lakes this year.  The board has had complaints about dark water and some floating stumps. According to the DNR if you see a floating stump you may remove it. Lake board has purchase two buoys and are waiting for a back order on the high visibility tape.

Planning Commission: 8-17-11 village hall, 7:00pm, however it may be changed due to special meeting.

Colon Community Park: Site is being inspected for boardwalk and launch detail at present.

DDA/Façade committee report:-Façade grant progress: taking it to their board on Aug 26th

-Designate Whitford as the certifying officer for the Environmental Review and over all Façade grant requests. Kuhlmann/Craun (McManus opposed)

ICE Grant:-Final Payment #6Council action to “approve Parrish’s Payment Request #6 in the amount of $29,211.94” contingent upon Parrish providing final closeout paperwork and verification that punch list items have been satisfactorily addressed. Council authorizes Whitford to sign proper documentation.  Kuhlmann/Craun

Safe Ways to school: Still waiting for a return call from Mr. Kirby.  Board members would like to move on with this and hope that he gets in touch with Craun soon.

Dam: No insurance pay-out, to fix dam lights, per office manager Baker who was working with the insurance company. Village looking into special assessment for dam-waiting for info from Attorney Tomlinson. Question asked-Could we give dam back to county?

Other committee Reports: None

Unfinished business:

-Open air Ordinance-Brinkert still working with Attorney Tomlinson on this.

-Alcohol Ordinance- Ordinance 20118-9 An ordinance to regulate the consumption of Alcohol in Public motion made to accept ordinance by Kuhlmann with 5 yeas: Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, Craun—Nays: McManus—Absent: Delp Ordinance passes

New Business:

-Bowersox Benches—Is there an ordinance, prohibiting the advertising of other towns, products? Need to check with the zoning board and Gib Philo.  Many think the new benches look tacky and are an eyesore.

-Information on the Economic Vitality Incentive Program- In packet for review.  Town needs to show consolidation of services. Chief Brinkert says we can show collaboration of services and will start working on a draft.  This will need to be done by Jan.1st, 2012

Public Comments-General:

Sharon Clipfell– Water tower is in need of a good cleaning—DPW working on that.

Larry Watson-Wants to see a resolution to this Village/Township agreement

Correspondence: None

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Adjournment @ 9:40 pm Craun/Kuhlmann




Respectfully Submitted



Nancy Schultz, Clerk/Treasurer

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