Final Preparations for Magic Week Begins

A brief visit to Colon this week will show Magic Week as a work in progress.

Abbott Magic was in the process of moving their entire inventory across town to the Elementary School (which is in the process of being transformed into a Magic Dealer Room). At the time these pics were taken Greg estimated about 1/4 of the inventory had been moved.

The High School Auditorium is also in the process of being transformed into a Magic Theater for what will be the 74th Abbott Magic Get Together. While construction goes on outside the school, getting the auditorium set up is going on inside the school. This is only the first of several stages in the transformation of the High School, but its a start! Reports from Debbie Bordner indicate that sales are up from a very successful last year, already they are on row JJ on the seating chart(you can find a seating chart in the Abbott program and also in the Abbott Compendium (14 Meg) which is available as a free download here).

A stop in a Fab Magic on Main Street showed the magic shop busy at work preparing for the upcoming week. Ironing the curtains is none other than Linda Abbott, Percy’s daughter.

All in all its beginning to look a lot like Magic Week in Colon

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