Fire Board Minutes 7-13-11



Regular meeting July 13, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dan Smigla, Jim Bidwell, Mervel Delp and

Marilyn McManus.

ABSENT:  Sandy Jackson.


GUESTS PRESENT: Fire Chief Tim Doenges,  Jodi Gross, Matt Overholt, Todd Wadsworth, Dave Webb and Brian Mack.


AGENDA approved as amended to include letters received from the Village President and Village office manager.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING:  Minutes of regular meeting June 8, 2011 were approved by motion of Bidwell seconded by McManus.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Smigla moved to accept financial report.  No second.

McManus objected to the financial report as submitted.  Bills showed hydrant rental paid to Village.  McManus stated according to village records hydrant rental had not been received by Village and the CCFD Board is 3 months in arrears.  McManus asked whose decision it was not to pay Village for hydrant rental and Smigla responded it was a decision by the Township Board.  McManus stated it was not a decision to be made by the Township Board but should be made by the Fire Board.  Smigla responded “no comment” due to negotiations between the Village and Township Boards Attorneys.  Motion not to accept financial report made by Delp, seconded by Bidwell.  Chairman did not ask for vote.

Financial report balances:

Savings account    $ 19,048.31

Checking account $ 92,188.32

CD                        $101,934.56

(All guests departed except Doenges for emergency call)


Letter from Village President Whitford concerning water usage by fire department presented to board.  Chief Doenges will fill out water usage report and fax to Village once a month.  Doenges stated column for hose water usage is not applicable because there is no way to measure usage.  Letter from the Village office manager concerning financial reports was reviewed and Smigla will give to Rhonda Miller as Jackson, Treasurer was absent.


FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT:  Chief Doenges reported the radio is malfunctioning and will receive new parts tomorrow.  Radios do not receive enough power since the new system has been in use.   The dry hydrants, after testing, need new parts for repair and parts to be purchased for less than $500.00.  Fire Department members repaired the steamer valves on fire truck which saved approximately $2,000.00.  Blood drive will be held July 22nd at the fire barn.  Breakfast will be held July 17th at fire barn.  Doenges also reported the hours for training may need to be reevaluated;   eight fire department members are in the danger zone for not completing training and/or responding to calls.

(All guests returned to meeting)


The fire department members who have less than 20% response/training are considered inactive.  The inactive members will be contacted for meeting with Doenges and/or fire board.

We currently have 19 fire department members and would ideally like to have 20 active members.  We need new candidates to serve as fire personnel.


Gross had nothing new to report.


Webb reported he will be having pump training this month at lower lake.  He has had less than 50% of firemen report for training sessions.  Webb also reported he will be leaving the Leonidas Fire Department after 18 years of service.  He has served the Colon Department for 17 years.


Overholt reported testing on the 2 ½” and 3” hoses has been completed.  DOT inspections will be done by Shop 66 once a year.  Truck 915 radio fixed.  The boat trailer needs new tires.


OLD BUSINESS: It was reported that Talbot had obtained $500.00 from Wal-Mart grant which will be used for flashlights and portable lights.


2008 FEMA grant still pending.


2011 FEMA grant application will open soon.


Report on swimming pool guidelines.  Township presented a release of liability form they will be using.  McManus presented guidelines the Village tentatively will be using and will provide to the Village Council for approval.  Doenges reported only two pools have been filled this year.


Smigla reported a quote from Portenga for snow/ice guards is $1,850.00.  Discussion ensued as to where snow/ice guards should be placed, Smigla will verify with Portenga

where he planned to place them.



Motion by Delp, seconded by Bidwell and approval by consensus was given for Webb to obtain price quotes for purchase of new lawn mower.  There are approximately 5 acres to mow at the fire barn.


NEW BUSINESS:  Smigla asked for any info the Village has received on negotiations between the Village and Township attorneys for the CCFD agreement.  McManus responded Tomlinson was at the Village Council meeting July 12th and reported negotiations were going well and he planned to meet with Thornton, the Township attorney again.  Also, reported if agreement was not reached by August 31st an extension will be requested.


Meeting adjourned 8:06 PM by motion of Bidwell second by Delp.


Respectfully Submitted,




Marilyn McManus

Fire Board Secretary

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