Village minutes 7/12/11

COLON VILLAGE COUNCIL                                                       COLON VILLAGE HALL

REGULAR MEETING                                                                     TUESDAY 7-12-11 @7:00


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Weinberg, Brinkert


Consent Agenda:

Approval of Agenda, Approval of regular minutes from 6-14-11, Financial Report, Bills to pay in the amount of $36,264.42. Amend agenda as follows: Ice Grant, add-Payment request Craun/Kuhlmann… Bills to pay $41,572.21 Percival/Craun Unanimous consent

Public Comments:

Tomlinson-Fire Board Agreement: Attorney Tomlinson and Attorney Thornton have had productive meetings, to come to, an amicable solution agreeable to both Village and Township. Items of concern: “hydrant rental verbiage”, village would like to be on deed, township concerned village will up their cost (village would work on set figure for new contract).  Baker provided Attorney Tomlinson with a lot of past history which he mailed on to Attorney Thornton.  Attorney Tomlinson feels he is being well received and they are working to come to a solution. Council authorizes Attorney Tomlinson to move forward in the negotiations and also provide township with extension on time limit for this agreement. Percival/Craun

Monthly Reports:


1. Dam lights have been repaired at the cost of $4319.77, with an additional amount not to exceed $300.00.Kuhlmann/Craun. Motor on dam gate will be removed and checked to see if this problem was due to a lightning strike. If we can confirm that the problem was related to a lightning strike, Baker will turn into insurance company.

2. Weinberg requests funds to seal coat the NE section of town using Branch County. Council approved up to $40,000.00 for this project, which is in the budget. Kuhlmann/Delp

Police Report: Chief Brinkert introduced to the Council, Officer Larry Juday.  He has completed his probation period and is doing a great job. Brinkert request permission to sell 1998 squad car, by sealed bids. Delp/Kuhlmann. Brinkert also expresses his thanks to the DPW and fire workers department for their help during the 4th of July festivities and also the recent storm.

Fireboard Report:

1. Board minutes, financials: Council would like to see whole financial report from fire department as before, Baker will make a request in writing.

2. Request for monthly water report: Baker submitted letter and report to council to review, and have the fire department read and fill out.  After some discussion, on the contents of the letter, she will add some more information, as to why filling out this form is important in many different  aspects, and submit to fire department. Unanimous consent (Delp, McManus abstain)

Lake board Report: Next meeting 8-13-11 at the fire barn.  Big issue right now is the dark water in Palmer Lake, and the floating logs.  No weed control expense as of yet. Lake board to purchase two new buoys to be place at channel opening.  Cost not to exceed $1000.00

Planning Commission: Next meeting July 20th, 7:00pm @ Village Hall.

Colon Community Park Board:

-Branch County Community Foundation report of CCP funds & Special Projects Expenses- In packet for review

DDA/Façade Committee Report:

-Façade grant progress: No meetings held, approval for grant should be received in August with start date on projects in September

Ice Grant-report: Parrish Payment #5—Council action to “approve Parrish’s Payment Request #5 in the amount of $177,895.19. Council authorizes Whitford to sign proper documentation. Kuhlmann/Craun. Parrish job is100% complete with some warranty work being done on Willow.

Safe ways to school: Craun still waiting for Mr. Kirby to set up meeting

Dam: Baker still working with Attorney Tomlinson on possible dam assessment

Other Committee Reports: None

Unfinished Business:

1. Open air Ordinance: More discussion between, Brinkert, Baker and Attorney Tomlinson needed

2. Alcohol Ordinance: Public hearing to take place at 6:45 on August 9, 2011 before our regular council meeting

3. Colon Chamber of Commerce-Request for street closing: Board approved Percival/Craun


New Business:

1. Baker tree removal request: In packet for review. Approved, council to evaluate each unique situation Craun/Kuhlmann (Percival opposed)

2. Colon Township Friends of the Library-Request of street closing Council approved street to be closed 3:00am Friday 8-5-11 thru 6:00pm Saturday 8-6-11 Craun/Kuhlmann

3. DASAS-membership request: Council respectfully declines this membership due to shortage of funds.

Public comments-General

1. Lions “White Cane” will be out this Saturday 7-16-11 at the Marathon, Village Market, and Sturgis Bank, all funds collected will be kept in the community.

2. What happened to the recycling??? No word from anyone about it.

3. Mr. Teller from Colon, appeared before the council, expressing concerns about next years fire works. Council discussed some options and decided to have Baker place request (to save next years fireworks) in water bill.


Worsham Electrical inspector quarterly report In packet for review

Thank you letter read by Percival, received from Nancy Schultz, for flowers sent in the recent passing of her father.


Adjournment @ 8:40 McManus/Kuhlmann

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed


Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Schultz


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